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Cancer and Conspiracy
What God Wants?
Mayan Prophecy
Jacob Rothschild Guilty
Failures of Marxism
Future of Economics
Future of Values
Future of Democracy
Open Letter
Everlasting life?
Do you love?
Privileges are Evil
The End of Capitalism
My clash with sciences
My Debt to Yugoslavia
Has Antichrist Come?
Am I Jesus Christ?




Cancer and Conspiracy     Presents why cancer is not cured yet.     October 12, 2014

What God Wants            Presents what is God's will and how to fulfill it.  October 18, 2013

Mayan Prophecy is True     Presents the transformation of the world that will, according to Maya, start on December 21, 2012

Jacob Rothschild is Guilty     Presents the conspiracy Jacob Rothschild has risen against humankind  December 20, 2012

Homosexuality     Presents the origin of homosexuality and how to prevent it.  November 20, 2012

Failures of Marxism     Presents the failures of Marxism and the right path to socialism and communism.  April 04, 2012

Epilogue     Presents the conclusion of today's society and my work.  April 27, 2011

The Future of Economics     This essay presents how economics in the future will look like.  February 12, 2011

The Future of Values     This essay presents what will be values in the future.  February 12, 2011

The Future of Democracy     This essay presents how to develop democracy. January 15, 2011

Wisdom     This essay presents what wisdom is and how to achieve it. December 17, 2010

Open letter     I sent this letter to Lord Jacob Rothschild. October 23, 2010

Everlasting life?     This essay talks about different interpretations of the Christian religion. August 24,.2010

Alienation     This essay presents what is alienation, how it occurs, the consequences of it and how to remove it. July 25, 2010

Do you love?     This essay presents what love is and how to achieve it. Jun 22, 2009

Privileges are Evil     This article presents the analysis of problems that arise from privileges that people are mostly unaware of. March 8, 2009

The End of Capitalism     This essay explains why capitalism will go down in history and defines a new system that will replace it. January 6, 2009

My Clash with Sciences    This essay is about the mistakes of sciences and how sciences should develop. December 4, 2008

My Debt to Yugoslavia     This essay explains the real causes for the war in Yugoslavia and defines the people responsible for it. August 8, 2008

Has Antichrist Come?     This article talks about the conspiracy of the Rothschild family against the whole world. January 7, 2004

Am I Jesus Christ?     I have discovered how to create Paradise on Earth. That is something what Jesus Christ is supposed to discover when returns to the planet Earth. This opens some possibility that I may be Jesus Christ. You may find in this article why. November 29, 2003

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