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What God Wants



Something created the nature in which we live. This nature is very complex, logical, functional, rational, beautiful and harmonious. It means that a highly developed power that we could not conceive has created the world. I accepted that the name of this force is God. God created a good world. God certainly wants people to live well, but people deviate from his will. 

Some individuals have claimed that they received messages from God and passed out his will to the people. This was the origin of religions. Religions contain ancient wisdom that brings good to people, and that is why we can say that they carry the will of God. But why do the messages of God pass only the knowledge from the time when the religion originated? Why has God, as almighty and all-knowing, not said something more about the world that, according to the Bible, he created in six days? Or, perhaps most importantly, why did God not tell these messengers how to build a good society? Does the lack of knowledge that comes from the Bible mean that God's messengers invented the words of God, or they were not able to understand his words well enough? Taking into account that different people received different messages from God, they have formed different religions. But God certainly has not sent different messages to different religions; he certainly did not deceive people. 

Also, the range of material written into religious books is very comprehensive but not useful in defining a good society. God is not a blabberer; he is an extremely effective creator which means that his messages must be effective as well. In contrast, many sentences in religious books confront to wisdom which cannot make a good society. Such sentences definitely cannot be sent by God. 

Most religions force people to follow the will of God obediently. God certainly does not want to force people into anything because coercion cannot make right. Power over people is a need of the spiritually undeveloped people. Control over people is a privilege that brings evil. This control creates stupidity, greed, hatred, destruction, wars, and hell on earth. It has nothing to do with the will of God. With this in regard, the religions which force people to follow God are in confrontation with the intention of God. God does not need power over people. He is far above such need. God wants us to create a good society. 

Can we assume that among those people who wrote religious books were some who wanted to reach power over people? When you see how quickly today's religious preachers improvise verses from the Bible to achieve intellectual superiority over others, then yes we can assume some writers of holy books did the same. These people entered ideas into religious texts that have nothing to do with the will of God. They created contradictions in the Bible. For example: God's 6th commandment states: “Thou shall not murder” and Jesus Christ, Son of God, according to Luke (19:27) said: “But as for these enemies of mine who didn't want me to be their king - bring them here and slaughter them in my presence.” The mistakes in the Bible has certainly prevented the progress of society.


So how to fulfill God's will and create a good society? After a lengthy analysis, I concluded that it is possible only through the establishment of equal human rights. Equal human rights are the answer to all the problems of society.

Today we have defined equal human rights insufficiently. All equal human rights are established on the formal level, while reality suggests that they are not equal. The president of your country may send you to war, and you cannot do it to him. Your boss may fire you, and you cannot do it to him. Your teacher may force you to accept knowledge, and you cannot do it to him. Where are the equal human rights here? Throughout history, authorities have prevented the development of equal human rights, so people do not know enough how they are supposed to look like and do not understand how important they are. 

Equal human rights imply that all the people have equal opportunities in their lives. This includes the right of all people to participate equally in decision-making processes on all issues of common interest. Until recently, equal human rights were not possible to establish because it was impossible to harmonize the needs and decisions of all people. This has become possible only with the development of computer technology. But anyway, there is no excuse for religions which have not defined equal human rights as the crucial will of God. 

Equal rights cannot be imposed on society. They are a goal that should be accepted by the people. They will develop gradually. 

Equal human rights mean every person must have the right to work. As long as there is unemployment, such a right does not exist. Unemployment will be eliminated by shortening working hours proportionally to the rate of unemployment. This would increase the demand for workers on the free market so that employers would have to pay them more. Then workers will be able to buy more, which will remove the present problems of capitalism. 

The equal rights of evaluation among people will bring a radical transformation of powers in capitalism, which will completely change the world. I've called it democratic anarchy. Each person will have an equal right to evaluate a few people of their choice. A positive assessment will bring small awards to the assessed person, and a negative evaluation will carry small punishments. Such assessments will force every person to respect other people; to do everything they can to beautify other people’s lives, and do nothing that can hurt other people. This will be the basis for the establishment of a healthy, constructive, and productive orientation of society. 

The ultimate stage of equal human rights will create an equal possibility for employment of every worker at every public work post any time. It will be necessary to open a permanent competition of workers for every public work post. The best worker would get the right to work at any time. I know it sounds impossible because such a division of labour never existed. But the realization of it is just a technical problem. I have developed a system that will effectively evaluate the productivity of work offers, harmonize rewards for work, and define the job responsibilities of workers. No economy can be more productive than the one where each job gets the best available worker. Public companies will become more productive than private ones so that the latter will go down in history. Owners of private companies will be properly compensated by society. This will be good socialism. 

The rezult of the establishment of equal human rights will be visible in good communism where people will establish equal consumer rights. To realize it, people need to discover new values that will come as the result of equal human rights, values that follow the will of God, which are significantly larger than money. Then we can expect that all people individually will voluntarily assign all their incomes for taxes. They will democratically direct the production which will bring stability to the production process and make all the goods and services for all people free of charge. 

Equal human rights will bring freedom, love, peace, wisdom, joy, and very good to people. I have clearly presented the results of equal human rights implementation in the scientific book Humanism - A Philosophic-Ethical-Political-Economic Study of the Development of the Society.


My vision of equal human rights will finally eliminate social evil and create heaven on earth. This is exactly what God expects from the people on the planet Earth. Does it mean I am the way, the truth, and the life? (John 14:6) According to the Bible, the Messiah will create heaven on earth (Amos 9:13-15). Does it mean that I am the Messiah? Since I belong to the Christian religion, it should mean that I am Jesus Christ and that my path leads to God the Father only. So that I asked: Am I Jesus Christ? But the Bible does not allow me to be Jesus Christ because I have not seen nor heard God the Father (Or I am not aware of it which does not help). According to the Bible, Jesus Christ and God the Father are one. But then, should not have Jesus Christ presented much more knowledge to be equated with the creator of the world? He showed in the Bible less understanding of the world we live in than me. 

According to the Bible, I also cannot be Jesus Christ because I do not know anything about the other world and eternal life. I can say something about it from the secular philosophical point of view. In the article Everlasting life I quoted the studious Christian website "2001 Translation Bible" which translates the original Bible written in Greek again. In the article "Does the Bible promises eternal life?" they answer "the fact is; it doesn't… at least, not in those exact words. Why not? Because the Greek word that other Bible translators render as "everlasting" (aionos) doesn't mean that. It's what we get the English word "eon" from, and it means a long time". Due to the different meanings of related words in different languages, Bible translators sometimes interpreted the lyrics freely.  

I do not reject the possibility that eternal life exists, because I do not have any evidence that it does not exist. However, I asked myself whether eternal life is desirable, even if it is only in spiritual form because the laws of physics deny the eternity of matter? One could say that the actor Christopher Reeve was practically destined to spiritual life. He fell from a horse, broke his neck and was immobile for life. He did not like such a spiritual life, was unhappy and even thought of suicide. But suppose eternal spiritual life exists. Can you imagine what this eternal life would be if an individual desires a glass of red wine that they could never drink? 

Why do Christians believe that eternal life must be good? I think I have an approximate answer to this question. People who are not free, people who are afraid, are not able to satisfy the needs of their lives. And there is no difference between authorities and followers here. Narcissistic authorities need to achieve supremacy in society and are slaves to their megalomaniac ideas that cannot be realized. People, who live under the oppression of authorities and obediently follow them, also cannot meet their needs. Both do not live well and are afraid of death because they feel that they did not live their lives good enought. I believe that is the main reason why they need faith in a much better and eternal life in heaven. 

People who live in freedom, responsible for their lives and for the nature that surrounds them, live life in its fullness. Such people are not afraid of death, because they recognize that their living has fulfilled their life expectations. Death brings them freedom in the broadest sense because they practically do not need anything anymore. Spiritual writers have shown this state in their work. For example, Victor Hugo in the novel "Les Misérables" and even more, Henryk Sienkiewicz in the novel "Quo Vadis." I believe that God made the best solution for the people and longer life than God had predicted would be a disadvantage. God allocates a good life and death as a gift to the people who follow his will based on a productive way of living and respect for the rights of others. 

In the end, I ask you, dear reader, why would Jesus Christ ever come when I have defined heaven on earth as he is supposed to? He is no longer needed. The Church does not accept me as the Messiah because so much nonsense exist in the Bible. So instead of helping to establish God's will, the Bible is slowing the arrival of a good society.

October 18, 2013


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