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I sent the following letter to Lord Jacob Rothschild on July 6, 2010. Now it is October 23, 2010, and since I have not received a response I opened it to the public.


Dear Lord Jacob Rothschild, 

I have created a new social system, which will replace capitalism and make this world a wonderful place to live. It will solve each and every problem of capitalism while bringing benefits to all of the people, including to you. The system is defined in my book “Humanism - A Philosophic-Ethical-Political-Economic Study of the Development of the Society.” For the last 10 years I have been promoting the new system worldwide through my web site but could not reach success. That is because you are preventing the development of society. You may deny it but it won’t help. 

Capitalism is destined to fail and you cannot save it. If you think that collecting resources from all over the world would give you an ultimate power to rule the world you might be very wrong. Your program is not good enough. The point is you reduce the freedom of people and by using their dissatisfaction produce crime, rebellion, and wars. I wrote about that as much as I could. The result of your work is evil for most of the people around the world. If you are not concerned about that you should be. Your name is increasingly connected to the problems of our world. Sooner or later people will find it more profitable to go after you and your partners than anything else, and certainly more profitable than attacking buildings full of innocent people. 

I try hard to write this letter as a friend. The system I have proposed is an unavoidable future of humankind. In the new system you will not be able to impose your will to the world secretly as you are used to. But if you consider accepting the new system you may participate in its development and protect your interests in the best possible way. I really do not think you should be against my system because by the time I offer a pooling of all the companies around the world and you would be the strongest shareholder by far. In the new system you would still be the richest man in the world. You would also be able to openly govern the world. The system I’ve proposed needs someone to do it, but this time that person will be directly responsible to the people. 

If you refuse it you might lose everything. You will not be able to prevent the development of society forever. My system is not only the best solution for humankind; it is also the only good one, so that people will accept it one day. Then they will organize well and be able to live without you but you will not be able to live without them. Before that happens you would probably fight back to protect your side but you do not have a chance to win. On the other hand my side would have a hard time winning over yours. So why would we fight when the best solution for all must be made through negotiations? Why wouldn’t we instead join our powers and let the bright future of humankind come faster? Your involvement in creating a new system might also compensate your responsibilities from the past and make you a honourable person of the world.  

When the new system is accepted a new era will begin where social evil would not exist any more. The new era will make this world a brilliant place to live beyond the wildest dreams today. 

Best regards,

Aleksandar Šarović

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