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Am I Jesus Christ, Messiah, Krishna, Maitreya Buddha?




I am a scientist who has applied for the work position of Jesus Christ. Why? Jesus Christ is supposed to make heaven on earth and I have defined how to do it in my book “Humanism”.  

I have created a new social system, which provides security, stability, and a good life for all. The most important part of the new system is establishing equal rights among the people. Equal rights have actually never existed because individuals have always taken power over others. Privileged powers are the reason the history of humankind was so evil. Therefore privileges must be put to an end. Now I will explain how to do it.

We must participate in making all decisions affecting our interests. For example, we can directly decide what percentage of our salaries we need to pay for taxes and what is the best way to spend it. Today, leaders of countries allocate most of the tax money for armies. Once people decide about the allocation of tax money, armies will cease to exist and waging wars will be impossible.

I have invented a democratic anarchy. What is this? This is a system where each person gets an equal right to evaluate any other person. A positive evaluation should bring a grant of let’s say one dollar to the evaluated person and a negative evaluation should bring a one dollar penalty. In that simple way each person will get a real power in society and therefore will be respected. This measure will direct people to produce the greatest possible conveniences to others and to abolish making inconveniences. That means bullies will not harass children at school any more, bosses will not abuse employees, politicians will not lie to people. If a president of a country does not follow the people’s needs he might get millions of bad evaluations, which will cost him millions of dollars. Everyone will be responsible to all and that will eliminate the evil of privileges. In such a system human beings will become values and that will form a good society.

My system offers more market than capitalism could afford. The market of public work posts will be especially developed. A worker, who offers more profits, produced goods, better, cleaner, or cheaper production at any time for any job in public companies, would get the job. I am a genius who has developed the idea for almost 30 years and I am positive it would work perfectly. No economy can be more productive than the one where the best worker gets each job. Such an economy will easily become more profitable than the capitalist one, so that capitalism will be forced to recede. Private enterprises will join the public companies and the owners will be properly compensated. The new economy will bring security and abundance to all.

So then if I am so smart why has nobody recognised me so far? Two years ago Google opened a competition calling for good ideas to change the world. I participated with my project along with more than 150.000 others. The winner has not been declared after more than a year. Why? Google has difficulties accepting my idea because it presents the end of capitalism, the very system Google is built on. Google also has difficulties rejecting my idea because my system will one day completely change the world and make it a wonderful place to live. I think Google has dropped the competition and my project is the reason.

I wrote thousands of letters to social scientists but they didn’t respond to me. Why? Social sciences are so useless today that nothing can prevent them from going down in history. Everything will change. The economy I have proposed will be so simple that people would be able to master it without attending schools. All people will become good economists, psychologists, judges, philosophers just because they live in the system I have proposed.

I wrote the screenplay Heaven that presents the bright future of humankind but I could not get support to make the movie. Also, I do not have access to media. Why? Antichrist is here. He rules the world by secretly possessed wealth his family has been gaining for centuries. His name is Jacob Rothschild. He controls banks, corporations, governments, NATO, media, and all of us. We depend on him everywhere. He takes our freedom by using power that should belong to us. But my idea will prevail. Six years ago I offered him to give up from ruling the world and save his wealth. If he refuses it he will lose everything. Once you people accept the system I have proposed you would gain the power to live without him but he will not be able to live without you.

My system is the only good solution for humankind, but it is still not recognised. We are approaching December 21, 2012 and I will try to make it a day of the recognition of my work. I question whether I am Jesus mainly in order to bring attention to my work. I can do the same by asking whether I am Messiah, Krishna or Buddha. I might be recognised as all of these saviours but I feel pretty good as Aleksandar. My teaching will save the world from all human evil and improve it beyond the wildest dreams today.

April 30, 2010



Seven years ago I wrote:

Am I Jesus Christ?


Christians await the return of Jesus Christ, who according to the Bible resides in Heaven next to God the Father. I must say that I didn’t hear nor see God the Father and that fact says that I am most likely not Jesus Christ. However, when Jesus Christ returns to Earth, He should create paradise on earth. I have defined the only possible way that will unconditionally and unavoidably achieve it. This fact says that I still may be Jesus Christ.


Twenty years ago I was very disappointed with the world around me and therefore decided to find a way to create a good society. It took me ten years to define a new socio-economic system that would make a good society and the same amount of  time to get a clear vision of how the future of mankind would look like. I have presented the results of my research in the book “Humanism”. The system I have proposed is completely different and much better than all known models and will, as time passes, replace them all.

Three professors of philosophy, sociology and economy from the Belgrade University were very kind to read my book on my request. Their reviews of my book basically say that I am not crazy, that I did not write stupid things and that I offer a significant change and improvement to society. They were not able or not willing to analyze my work deeply because my book turns everything they knew upside down.  

The system I have proposed is much simpler than the system used today, however it still requires a lot of time for its understanding because it is totally new. For getting used to the new way of thinking and taking a good picture of the new system, besides reading the book it is necessary to perform a lot of time in its analysis and that is something that I was not able to initialize with anybody so far. Someone might guess that scientists receive many new systems daily so that they do not have time for studying my work. That is not a case. Besides, there is only one irrefutable study in the history of humankind that promises Paradise on Earth and that one is mine.  

In the last ten years I have sent thousands of letters to University professors, social scientists and researchers; presidents of countries, corporations and various societies; editors of journals, newspapers, publish houses; on line magazines and news groups; political parties, foundations; to ordinary people all over the world and got some responses but actually, I have not made any progress.  

Authorities have been mentally oppressing you people from the immemorial time so that you have not developed an ability to find the truth in you yourself without their influences. For the purpose of building a better world I do not use “rocket science” in my book but very simple and logical conclusions that are strange to you. That is the reason I have to build a big authority to me myself in order that you even consider accepting my ideas. Unexpectedly, it seems that the Christian religion might help me in that. 


At the beginning of this year (2003) I found, through the Internet, big similarities between what I wrote and what Jesus Christ is supposed to do. I will talk about main points that I found in the holy Bible and which are accepted among religious people as the absolute truth. I quote here important verses from the Bible and from religious articles from Internet:  


When Jesus came the first time it was to settle the problem of sin. He did not come to settle the problems of government nor the social dilemmas that harass our world. When He comes again He will solve all government problems, and political and social ills. Source: 

Jesus Christ will return to earth to spiritually transform its people and establish utopia, a paradise on earth. The combination of removing Satan's influence, giving humanity God's Spirit and teaching the world the laws and ways of God will produce 1,000 years of peace and a society blessed beyond its wildest dreams. Source:

The ideals of happiness, peace, freedom, justice, and prosperity, all of which have been merely dreams of most of the world’s people throughout the ages, actually will be realized during the Millennium. The millennial reign of Jesus Christ will be a transition government from the inept, corrupt rule of mankind to the orderly, perfect rule of God, the Father (1 Cor. 15:24-28). As impossible as it may seem now, all evil permanently will be detached and disunited from all good after this period of 1,000 years, the Millennium, has concluded.

The wolf and the lamb shall feed together, the lion shall eat straw like the ox. (Isaiah 65:21-25)

And He shall judge among many people, and rebuke strong nations afar off; and they shall beat their swords into ploughshares, and their spears into pruning-hooks: nation shall not lift up a sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more. But they shall sit every man under his vine and under his fig tree; and none shall make them afraid; (Micah 1-4).

"I will cleanse you from all your filthiness and from all your idols. I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit within you; I will take the heart of stone out of your flesh and give you a heart of flesh. I will put My Spirit within you and cause you to walk in My statutes, and you will keep My judgments and do them" (Ezekiel 36:22-27).

Jesus' reign will bring: Abundance, prosperity, stability, restoration and security (Amos 9:13 -15). 


My book describes the system that will fulfill achievements of these quotes. Please find what it is about in these short articles here: Humanism Shortly  and here: Essential Thoughts.

In the new system I have proposed, evil in society will not exist any more. Paradise will be established on Earth and as it is said in the Bible, everyone would go from here to Heaven. However, I doubt those quotes above are supposed to be understood entirely literally. For example, if I were Jesus Christ, I would neither like to be the President nor the King of the World. Simply, I value my freedom. However, my absence from power will not be missed because I made a better solution. I have created a system that will allow you people to take control over yourselves, following the will of God.

I am sure that the realisation of the system I have proposed is an inevitable process. The system will work because it follows the nature of society. The nature of society is, in its essence, very simple but so far it was not defined accurately and the history of humankind has been proving it by social instabilities. I am also sure that there is no other good choice for society because it does not have more than one nature. If Jesus Christ comes after me He would not be able to find a better solution for humankind in the existing nature. The system I have proposed may be tested in a few years in a small community and that would give the answer, whether I am right or wrong. If the system I have proposed proves that it may make Paradise on Earth where "lions and antelopes will eat together", where state's laws will not be needed any more while the people will live in a perfect harmony, am I then Jesus Christ?  

Another very important fact in the Bible is Judgment Day. 

Quote: Romans 14:10-12 - We shall all stand before the judgment seat of Christ. Every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess. Every one of us shall give account of himself to God. In this life people often fail to keep appointments, but no one will be absent for this appointment, and no one will be tardy. No excuses will be accepted. No amount of wealth, influence, or power can prevent your appearance. 

That cannot be taken literally, otherwise I would pity Jesus Christ. Every second about 5 people die around the world. Jesus Christ would have to work non-stop on it and judge each man in 1/5th of a second. That seems to me unlikely. For that purpose, God must have some kind of information technology that collects information about each man. I have simulated a similar process in my system. Such a process might show the people what they should expect when they die while they are still alive. Please pay attention to the value of productive power of man from the article Humanism Extensively for example. If a man at the end of his life possesses a positive value of his productive power he would probably go to Paradise, and vice versa, if at the end of his life he would have a negative productive value he would probably go to hell. A man with a negative value of productive power will certainly not have a pleasant life in this world. That will force people to be very responsible for everything they do and that will contribute to building Paradise on Earth.

I’ve found, in the holy Bible, a number of similarities between Jesus Christ and me but I will not talk about it any more because many people can satisfy this criteria. Beside that the Bible gives too many choices for all kind of interpretations. Also, I question total accuracy of the verses in the Bible because men wrote them for two thousand years. A man is very inclined to imagine, invent and add onto things and events and that is a reason there might be exaggerations and controversies in the Bible. That is a reason I would rather talk about simple facts that might contribute to being considered as Jesus Christ. 

I was born in Zagreb, Croatia, former Yugoslavia on April 30, 1955 at 7:30 PM. Immediately after my birth, the salute roar of cannon fire thundered throughout Zagreb and all major cities in Yugoslavia, together with fire works in the honour of May 1, the socialist Labour Day. In the socialist countries, the 1st of May was as important of a public holiday as Easter or Christmas in the Western world. The doctor who helped deliver me then said to my mother that a prince was born. Isn't this an interesting sign? Can this sign indicate the birth of Jesus Christ?

In the socialist Yugoslavia religion was not very popular. I was baptized and used to go to church once a year. Until this year I was barely religious, better said I was neither a believer nor an atheist. If I was a strongly religious man I would have developed sensitivity to the signs that God has probably sent to me and would be much more aware of who I am. But, I am still new to religion, do not know much and do not want to make a mistake. However, I think there is a chance that I am Jesus Christ and it surprised me more than you. I know, me as Jesus Christ is supposed to be the greatest authority in the Christian religion but unfortunately I missed all of the courses about that or somehow I do not remember anything. Take my excuses and I will try my best to make up the omitted knowledge.

When I decided to find a good solution to change the world, I got the basis of the vision (see Humanism for Dummies) about the future of mankind almost instantly and that vision has given me the strength to be persistent. Might it have come straight from God? Or must it? It is not a rarity that a young man wants to change the world. I am probably a unique person because I was persistent over developing my system for the last twenty years while the work has been mostly hard and I have not received any recognition for doing it. However, I did get small support from people. This support is presented here: Comments. 

I was proclaimed as one of the best architects in Yugoslavia even before I graduated the faculty (see The Republic Square). Soon after my graduation I gave up from a successful career as an architect in order to find more time for defining a good solution to change the world. Who ever knew me, suggested to give up from changing the world with a comment that it was impossible and a loss of time. But I knew I was on the right track right from the beginning of my work. On the other hand, you people have the fully defined system in my book available now and you still do not know what to think about it. Isn’t it strange? 

I delivered two lectures about my work in Belgrade, Yugoslavia in 1992 and 1993 while there was a war. Ten years later, on November 1, 2003 I had my first public appearance at a conference of the Society for Utopian Studies in San Diego, South California. At that time, there were huge, furious wildfires there. Before my departure to California I joked to my wife Dušica: If earthquake occurs in California while I am there, I must be Jesus Christ”. I spent only one night in San Diego. When I woke up the next day (November 2) in my hotel room and turned on the TV, the first message I received was: “San Bernardino Mountains (close to San Diego) was shaken this night by two earthquakes with a magnitude of 3.5”. Coincidence?

Jesus Christ is expected to make miracles by which He is apparently supposed to be recognized. Jesus Christ should, for example, be able to walk on water. I saw the magician, Criss Angel, walking on water on television. So why has nobody considered him as Jesus Christ? If I learned how to make such an illusion, would I then have a chance to be accepted as Jesus Christ? However, I think that I have made a far greater miracle than walking on water. I have defined how to make the world a wonderful place to be, how to make heaven on earth. This is something that nobody has ever managed to do. Now, one could complain that my theory has not been proven in praxis yet, and it might be wrong. Also, one could suggest that Jesus Christ would simply make paradise on earth and that would make Him recognised. I would have to respond that even the Lord Jesus Christ is not expected to force people to go down the correct path, but the people are expected to embrace the path of Jesus Christ. People will one day accept my path because they will not have any other choice. My path is the only good path. 

Dear people, the terrible situation in the world pressures me to act strongly. I believe that the situation is much worse than you might think and that must be changed. Besides it, crime, rape, and killings have come to my neighbourhood. Evil has never been closer to me than now, and that must end. On top of everything, I think that the Antichrist is here among us. He must be stopped and the system I have proposed will do it.

All my life I’ve wanted to do something good and important but I hesitated to announce a possibility that I could be Jesus Christ because I cannot even imagine in what kind of trouble I would be getting into. If I am not Jesus Christ you would tease with me but I would not care much about that. If I am Jesus Christ, I might be in danger from anyone who would not like it. The only thing I can do in that case is hope the Bible is right about my destiny and that God will protect me. Unfortunately, I cannot fully rely on it because I do not know which part of the Bible carries the authentic God's words and which part presents the creative imagination of writers through generations.

In the end, I have decided to take the risk and to stand firmly as much as I can behind my book. If I successfully advocate my book you would accept the system I have proposed much sooner. In fact, it is just about whether the system will be implemented before or after a series of catastrophes. When you accept the system I have proposed it will certainly save you from all the social evil without matter what race, nation, religion, class, age, or gender you belong to. 


My book “The Humanism” has been available free of charge worldwide since the year 2000 when I published the Serbo-Croatian version at my web site The English version was published the next year. In the last three years about 200 people have downloaded my book but I received almost no responses from them. The silence follows me all the time everywhere and I do not know why! However, so far I have exchanged opinions with individuals who have read my articles but have found out it was pretty much a loss of time. The system I have proposed could not be understood enough without reading the book. Therefore, I will avoid further talk about my book to anyone who would not previously read it.  

Dear reader, if you believe in Jesus Christ and allow just a little possibility that I might be Him I would like you to read my book. It is written in such a way that everyone who gives a small effort is supposed to understand it. (Don’t worry about technicalities; it’s the job for scientists and me.) I want to distribute at least 200,000 copies of the book in the next three years. Do not listen to anybody but yourself when contemplating whether this book is good enough for changing the world. There are millions of authorities around you that prevent you from finding the truth in you yourself. You certainly may and should discuss the book with other people but, in the end, make the final opinion on your own. When you form your opinion I would be grateful to you if you write to me in up to 50 words whether you like the book or not and why. That would tell me a lot. If you don't like the system that only means you would need more time to start loving it.  "I guess you guys aren't ready for that yet. But your kids are gonna love it." (Back to the Future – Part I:-) 

The book is actually not religious so that I feel like I need to give a conclusion about my view of religion. Not one theory ever has been convincing in presenting how to make something from nothing. This is actually the biggest jump and the greatest enigma for philosophers and scientists. The Bible presents that God did exactly this when He created our world. The Bible does not elaborate technical details of it, or we are too imperfect to be able to understand. Maybe just our ignorance is the reason why is the presentation of God in the Bible very simplified. The Bible probably presents the will of God but I doubt it does it very accurately because men certainly have difficulty to receive and understand the words of God.

The theory of evolution states that the natural selection develops life from the lower level towards the higher one. The stronger being survives and there lies the foundation of the development. But is it enough? A deep logic and miraculous harmony exist among atoms, molecules, genes, nature, and space, without which we would not exist. Does something protects us? Most likely, there is some kind of supernatural power up somewhere, which somehow, contributes to the development of nature and of course of us, people. I have accepted it as supernatural because I cannot imagine it anyhow. I have accepted the name of It as God. I have not seen nor heard God or I am not aware of it. I accept the existence of God also because the Bible predicted 2000 years ago the coming of Messiah who should lead people on the right way and establish harmony to society. My book completely fulfills this criteria and that is the reason I am applying for Jesus Christ’s position. One may claim that the result of my work has been just a millennial aspiration of people who lived in injustice and evil. Well, if that was the case, then the prophecies written in the Bible are really fantastic coincidences. I strongly believe one day, far from now, science will get to know God what ever It is, and then we, on the planet Earth will really find out something about Him.

God might have had full control over the “Big Bang” or maybe He left some independent influences in the process to the natural laws He had created. We do not know. God might have created the whole evolution process or maybe His natural laws did something independently. Or maybe, in both cases something completely different happened that we could not even contemplate. We should accept that we do not know it. We do not need to argue about who is right or wrong when we cannot prove anything. Finding the solutions to mentioned dilemmas is far more difficult than finding solutions to all other questions that bother us today, so that the full answer in these dilemmas will be found much later than answers to all other questions today. I believe God has influences on us but also, we have our choices and He encourages it. He is good.

I would gladly discuss the issue with decent people as much as I can through the
discussion forum at this web site. Also, I will write more about religion as soon as I find something new. But do not expect much more from me even though I would like to find answers to many questions. God will not put the answers into “my dish“. It never happens that easily and that is good. What would we do if already have answers to all questions? Life would lose one of its most important senses. Discovery is actually a beauty of living.

Feel free to redistribute this article worldwide. 

Aleksandar Šarović     

November 29, 2003

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