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Man naturally seeks more power in order to overcome his weakness in nature and achieve greater conveniences. Greater power is achieved by greater knowledge. But gaining knowledge is neither easy nor a quick process. On the way to achieve greater conveniences, a man often gives subjective determinations to unknown phenomena in nature that suit him well. If such determinations do not come into direct conflict with the nature, a man easily accepts them as real and realizes conveniences from it the same way as he really overcomes his powerless in nature. In this manner, an alienated knowledge from objective reality is created. This is the basis of my theory of alienation.

Authorities often deliberately create an alienated knowledge to achieve supremacy in society. Dominion is one of the greatest forms of alienation because in the subjective consciousness of man, power gives an impression of superiority in nature. Once the man thinks he has more power than he objectively deserves he realizes the extreme conveniences. But the return to reality is a necessity and it is always painful. In addition to this, on this planet Earth there was never enough space for all the people who wanted power. That is the reason why envy, hatred, conflicts and wars appear among the people in which the entire nations and their authorities suffer. 


Alienation of economy 

The Rothschild banking family has long ago recognized that direct power over people may be very unsuitable, and came to the conclusion that it could be much more efficient, lasting, and safer to rule with money. Mayer Amschel Rothschild has allegedly said in 1790: "Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation and I care not who makes the laws." The family Rothschild makes destined decisions for society by using the money they have made by banking and other businesses throughout the generations and they do not bare responsibilities to society for doing that. That is the main source of alienation in the western world today. 

In the article Has Antichrist come? I wrote about the conspiracy the Rothschild family raised against the whole world. Here I enclose the You Tube video Zeitgeist – The Movie: Federal Reserve, which also presents the basis of the conspiracy theory quite convincingly. The Rothschild family has secretly succeeded in mastering the world more than any emperor in the history of mankind. That means the power that should belong to the people today is alienated from the people regardless of what form of democracy is established. 

The Rothschild family started financing kings in the 18th century, and by such a way the entire kingdoms owed money to them. There is no better job than lending money to the states because then all the citizens pay the debt back with interest through the state taxes. During the Napoleonic wars, Rothschild allegedly manipulated the stock market in England and took most of the companies for bargain and managed to establish control over The Bank of England. At that time, the Rothschilds were convincingly the richest men in the world. Today they are nowhere on the list of millionaires. How is this possible? Simply, they hide their wealth and power.

The Rothschild family is probably the first family that organized its operations all over the world. They could not take care of all the businesses themselves so they employed expert agents to lead their companies. These agents receive a share in the ownership and become partners. The Rothschild family probably first hired the Rockefeller and Morgan families in the nineteenth century in the United States. If the owners of the world's largest corporations such as Rockefeller, Morgan, and Warburg were independent from the Rothschild family then they would, according to the competitive nature of entrepreneurs in capitalism, fight with each other but they do not. They are one body and the head is certainly the Rothschild family because they conquered the business world a century before their partners appeared in it. Through the 18th, 19th and 20th century, the Rothschild family has created an entire hierarchical structure of partners and they do it today as well. Some call this structure Masons and its hierarchical top Illuminati. During the period of nearly three centuries the Rothschild family and their partners could have bought half of the world and nobody would know.

In 1913, the Rothschilds gained control of the American Federal Reserve Bank with the help of corrupt politicians. This is the central bank in the U.S. and it is privately owned. The bank lends money to the U.S. government and the U.S. people return it with interest through taxes. But not only that, the U.S. spends more money than the Rothschilds and their partners have at their disposal, so that the American Federal Reserve Bank prints money out of thin air, lends it to the U.S. Government, and then collects it back with interest. This is a deception masterpiece of Rothschild, which has been operating since 1913.

The Rothschilds have imposed a restrictive monetary policy to practically the entire western world. This policy prevents the governments to issue money in order to cover their own budget deficit. The justification was found in the fact that printing money creates inflation in which money loses value and money is a basic value in the capitalist world. States that perform a restrictive monetary policy must cover a budget deficit with money borrowed from banks and in that way the Rothschilds again collect profits. States mostly borrow money from the International Monetary Fund and World Bank. These are supranational institutions in which the American Federal Reserve Bank has a major role, influence and interest. That’s how the Rothschilds impose their will over the International Monetary Fund and World Bank. Taking into account that many countries are dependent on the help from these banks, the Rothschilds easily impose their will to them. In that way the Rothschilds rule and exploit almost the whole world. Of course the state must repay the debts with interest, which usually means that all these countries increasingly borrow money and the Rothschilds become increasingly rich.

The Rothschilds of course also control commercial banks, which give loans to individuals and companies in the Western world. All people there buy houses and cars by credit, companies borrow working capital from banks, and the Rothschilds realize tremendous profits. With the vast amount of money they buy valued companies all over the world. But that is not all; by controlling the money in the world, the Rothschilds have become masters of the economic crisis in the world. With the low interest rates they can encourage investments from the people. When a private business expands they could raise the interest rate and reduce the amount of money in circulation, thereby reducing the purchasing power of people and thus deliberately creating an economic crisis. Then companies bankrupt massively and the Rothschilds buy them cheaply with their huge capital.  

I believe that every second dollar that is transacted out in the world returns to the Rothschilds directly. Taking into account that money gives power in an alienated society, the power increasingly belongs to the Rothschild family and is increasingly alienated from the people. 


The only way out of the economic alienation today is acceptance of the system Humanism that I have proposed. The system offers a new monetary policy that is based on the issue of state money in the amount of the total worth of produced goods and services in the country. Such a policy would be independent from the international centers of private powers. 

Even the poorest countries of the world can create an independent economic policy if the social policy of such a state is good. Such states can accumulate economic resources no matter how small they are and economically compete with powerful countries around the world. A good social policy is primarily based on the democratic will of citizens. Citizens can directly decide that the majority of financial capital, which they possess together, invests in the economic development, while for the purpose of the living standards they could leave a minimal amount of money that is sufficient for survival. This means that these people would give up from any luxury in the period that they consider necessary to develop their economy. In this way they would lose the dependence they have on private financial centers of power. That would release them from exploitation, from external pressures of any kind, and would make them the masters of their prosperity. It is also a way to a disalienation of society.  

People can directly decide what percentage of their salaries they want to give for taxes. To be clear, individuals will not pay taxes in the amount they want, but they will participate in the formation of the total amount of the tax money and then the tax money would be collected from people in proportion to their incomes. Furthermore, each person will decide how much money from his taxes he wants to allocate for: the defence of the state, public security, education, health, housing, recreation, infrastructure, etc. Following the living experience, the people will learn how much money they need to spend for taxes and what is the best way to spend it. In that manner the people will for the first time create the macroeconomic policy of the society directly and that will constitute the basis for the de-alienation of society. Such a policy will certainly follow people's needs in the most efficient way and therefore it will significantly develop society. Today, leaders of countries allocate most of the tax money for armies. When people start deciding on the allocation of tax money, the armies will no longer exist and waging wars would be impossible. Once people get the power to directly decide in the society they will be so pleased that they would not let authorities take it away from them any more. 


Throughout history authorities have made a pretty good job on the field of development of alienation before the Rothschilds stepped onto the scene. The Rothschilds continued this tradition by imposing alienated rules of life and by preventing the formation of natural human rules that could disalienate the world in which we live. Alienation is mostly built up through the political system, through a system of education and through propaganda by the media. The Rothschild family has control over all of these systems by the people they help, finance or employ. Here one can talk about a direct control over half of humankind.


Alienation of policy

Under the pressure from international financial institutions, various organizations and media propaganda, most of the presidents of countries around the world obediently follow the interests of the Rothschild family. If some head of state opposes the Rothschild family and decides to defend the independence of his country, then the Rothschild agents can create a civil war in his country. Thus was created a civil war in Yugoslavia. I wrote more about that in the article in My debt to Yugoslavia. The Rothschild agents try to put every country in the world under control, including Russia and China. All the problems in these countries were certainly assisted by the American and British secret services, backed by the Rothschild family.

In an extreme case of disobedience, presidents of countries lose their lives. As an example, the President of the U.S., John Kennedy, lost his life. The reason for it could be his executive decision no. 11110 which closed the system of the Federal Reserve, and ordered the U.S. Government to restore the constitutional mandate over the control of money. Although Kennedy nowhere mentioned the name of the Rothschilds, here you can hear his speech that calls for a fight against the Rothschild conspiracy. Shortly after that, John Kennedy was assassinated. An investigation of the murder was very doubtful according to Michael Parenti in the article The JFK Assassination: Defending the Gangster State.

The disobedient President of Romania Nicolae Causesku, Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic, the President of Iraq Saddam Hussein and before them many others were also killed. Of course, these or similar arguments make governments in the world very obedient. The Rothschild family controls parliaments in the world as well. Please see a very interesting video Israeli lobby in America that shows how the American Israel Public Affairs Committee affects the formation of policy of the US. By the control of governments and parliaments, the Rothschild family controls the creation of laws in the world and such laws of course correspond to the family Rothschild business and are completely alienated from the needs of people.

The Rothschilds have built an entire hierarchical structure that organizes the agents and coordinates their actions. The senior agents founded Bilderberg group, which meets once a year to coordinate policies that will be conducted in the western world. The group directs the programs of work to the heads in politics, banking, business, the military and media. These meetings are closed to the public. One should be particularly bright to understand that such a policy has nothing to do with democracy. It is completely alienated from the people. These meetings are no longer secret and that means that the Rothschilds decided to create a publicly known elite that allows them to rule the world. 

President Obama allegedly secretly met with representatives of the Bilderberg Group, where he coordinated his program with the needs of the rulers of the world. If he did not do it he would not get any support from his own Democratic Party, without which he would not have had the chance to become president. After the liberal President Bush, Rothschilds wanted a more humane president to tranquilize dissatisfied American people. To this purpose, they agreed to give small concessions to the people but the policy will not change significantly. Obama promised in the election campaign to end the military intervention in Iraq in the first place because there is no need for the war anymore because disobedient Saddam Hussein was removed. Now the Rothschilds need peace in order to exploit Iraqi oil. They will make it through the corruption of the government, through contracts and loans for the reconstruction of the ruined country. Obama immediately announced the extension of military intervention in Afghanistan on the grounds that such action is necessary to prevent acts of terrorism in the world. I think the reason for the aggression lies in the fact that Afghanistan does not agree to be a colony of anyone and as such cannot be exploited. On the account of supporting the aggression against Afghanistan, President Obama likely won some concessions in health care insurance for the US people. That is called a democracy today. 


The system I have proposed offers more market than capitalism can afford. The market of public work posts will be especially developed. Which means it will open a competition of workers for every public job post, including work posts of politicians and the president of the corporations. A worker who offers a higher profit, more goods produced, better, cleaner and cheaper production at any time for any job in public companies, will get the job.  

In a system where privileges do not exist, corruption will no longer be possible. Why would it make sense to corrupt a worker to do something when another day, another worker may replace the corrupted worker from his job? Or why would it make sense to threaten any worker when another day any other worker could replace him? It is impossible corrupt all workers and in the system I have proposed no threat would be possible to anyone. 

The new system also provides a highly efficient system of bearing the responsibility of all people for their deeds. One part of the responsibility will be based on democratic anarchy. It is a system in which each person gets an equal right to evaluate any other person. A positive evaluation should bring a reward of let’s say one dollar to the evaluated person and a negative rating will bring a fine of let's say one dollar. Let each person receive the right to allocate three positive and three negative evaluations to other people monthly. In such a simple way, each person will get a real power in society and therefore will be respected. This measure will direct people to produce the greatest possible conveniences to other people and to diminish or abolish the creation of disadvantages. This means that bullies will not abuse children in schools any more, managers will not mistreat workers, politicians will not lie to people. Everyone will be responsible to all and this will eliminate the evil of privileges. In this system, human beings will become values and it will form a good society. 

The system of democratic anarchy will especially affect authorities. The higher the position of authority in society, the greater the responsibility he would have to bear to society. For example: the President of the United States can get 100 million bad evaluations from U.S. citizens for bad politics, lies, and criminal aggression against other countries. This will cost him 100 million U.S. dollars in a single month. On the other hand I do not believe that people who support the policies of this president would certainly give such a president a positive assessment because they can easily have greater positive evaluation priorities and would spend their positive evaluations elsewhere. Non-privileged presidents would not dare perform bad policies anymore. And if it happens somehow, they would run away from their positions very fast. Only the most skilful and brave individuals would dare lead countries. They will not be authorities anymore, but our servants. 

No economy can be more productive than the one where the best available worker gets each job. Such an economy will easily become significantly more productive than the capitalist one, so that capitalism will be forced to go down in history together with the huge alienation it has built. Private companies will join the public companies and the owners will be properly compensated. In such a society, authorities would not be able to expand the alienation of society from its very nature. 


Alienation of sciences 

Alienation is thoroughly carried out by education. Throughout history the authorities of sciences have attempted to define the lawfulness of nature by writing an indefinite number of books. But often they were not successful in it so that they alienated their sciences from objective reality. I wrote more about that in my article My clash with sciences. Natural sciences are still satisfactory because their development make profits. Social sciences are completely suppressed in their development because the change of the social system does not suit authorities. Social sciences should be the carriers of social improvement, but they are so alienated from their sense that they do not even try to find a solution that could improve society. They are useless. If someone tomorrow abolishes sociology, political science, and philosophy as sciences, no damage will have happened. Indeed that would bring benefits to society because people would no longer rely on useless authorities in the field of social sciences. They would start to think with their heads. 

Authorities generally do not need smart people, but obedient followers. They use education to overpower thoughts of students and therefore turn them into tools in their own hands. Authorities keep useless sciences because they support the system in which authorities exercise privileges. It does not matter what ideology is behind it. All the authorities want power and do not allow people to free themselves from it. Even the act of evaluation of students' knowledge by the authority of the teacher supports the authoritarian system in which it is quite normal that authorities have power over people. As a result, education today is alienated from the natural needs of the society. It is very bureaucratic, too long, and unnecessarily complex. 

Students are forced to accept useless alienated knowledge on which today's alienated society has been built on if they want to be successful students. The more time students spend in school the more they accumulate alienated knowledge, and the less they can understand the objective laws in society and accept the changing of the social system. Authorities know that and thus they reassure the alienated order they imposed. Then, authorities recruit the best students, so-called excellences, to implement the policies they were imposed to society. These “excellences” are programmed in a way so that they cannot accept anything more than cosmetic changes of acquired knowledge. 

Now you can conclude how wrong the uncritically accepted statement is that education is very important for the human development, which is adopted by virtually all the people around the world. The main function of the system of education is to make people prove that they are obedient followers of authorities and as such are eligible to work in an alienated society. The effect of today's education is in fact detrimental to human development because it alienates students from their own nature and turns them into living machines. People who believe authorities and obediently follow them can not achieve a good life firstly because authorities generally represent their own interests and secondly because by blindly following the authorities they neglect their own senses and abilities to find the correct path. They alienate themselves from their own nature, from themselves. As a result, the social sciences are so unsuccessful today that they cannot recognize my work; the only good solution for humankind, and the education is so unsuccessful today that it prevents people from recognizing my work, the only good solution for humankind. 

The Rothschild family likes useless sciences because they distance people away from the real problems, and therefore the Rothschilds strongly support the development of such sciences. With the help of the authorities they kept under control, they control the education system as well. Control over education to misinformed people may seem harmless but in reality it creates a profound effect in the formation of the future of humankind. 


The only thing that is hard for a man to learn is to respect people. This most important social need simply disappears quickly and easily in any society without matter what kind of education is established. The system of democratic anarchy that I have created gives an equal power to every man in society. That power is based on the equal right of every person to evaluate any other person. Any positive evaluation would bring a small prize to an evaluated person and any negative evaluation would bring a small penalty. Such a simple measure will make people respect each other. It will build a good and sane society regardless of the education system.  

Everything else that a man should learn in his life is a product of his interest. When a person has an interest to acquire some knowledge he has no difficulty to do that if the knowledge is accessible. In the animal world, parents teach young animals the basics of needed knowledge. Human society has moved in a very wrong direction because schools have taken away from the parents’ rights of teaching children the basics of required knowledge. The direction is wrong firstly because the school curriculum is alienated from the needs of children. And it is even more wrong because directing children through life should be the task of parents, not schools. Parental love, which manifests itself also through the education of children, is one of the main conditions of prosperity of the child and society as a whole. In order for parents to be able to teach children the basics of required knowledge it is required in the first place that parents have free time that they can dedicate to children. Today parent’s work all day and practically do not see the kids during the day. From this derives a large number of today's problems. Shortly after the acceptance of the system that I have proposed, working hours would most likely be cut in half so that parents would have far more time to devote to their children. Another condition of establishing a proper education in society is that parents carry love towards their children. In today's alienated society, love is very rare because the alienated society develops narcissism; a very underdeveloped and often somewhat perverted form of love. The lack of love is rare in the animal world but in the human society it is a very widespread phenomenon because of the enormous alienation in which people live. The lack of love is damage to the development of man and human society. That is the reason the society in which we live in is very bad. I wrote more about it in the article Do you love? The new system I have proposed will teach people to love and that will fundamentally change the society in which we live. 

The man is an intelligent being who has developed such a large range of knowledge that there is no possibility that individuals can acquire all of it. That's why people specialize their knowledge. In order to acquire the specialized knowledge schools are necessary as a means of educating people. In the future, schools will no longer be a place where the authorities bureaucratically determine the curriculum of the learning program, but the learning program will be formed on the basis of the interests of students. Schools will no longer be institutions that guarantee the knowledge of students as it is accepted today, but only places where knowledge is accessible. I have proposed a system that will require a great responsibility of workers at their workplaces, far greater than is the case today. In this system, workers will not dare to compete for jobs they do not have enough knowledge for. Students will be able to attend whichever classes they want whenever they need in life.  

Alienation of media 

The agents of the Rothschild family do not regret the money they spent to take control over media because by control of media they control public opinion, and after that they can do virtually whatever they want. The Rothschild family started with control of newspapers and then television. You may have noticed how quickly the big television station, CNN, was made for example, and that from the start it has had huge financial resources available and has propagated throughout the world the values that the Rothschild family advocates. Such TV stations run "excellences" that are well trained on how to represent the interests of the Rothschild family while trying at the same time not to confront the needs of the people. The only people who have access to media are corrupted by the system and do not have any intention to change anything there.

When you think that you have decided on which candidate you will vote in elections, the representatives of the Rothschilds have already decided it for you. Everything you know about the candidates has come to you through the media they control. It is not even particularly important to the Rothschilds what candidate you are going to vote for because all the candidates will implement their will anyway. It is important to them though to convince you that you have the "freedom" to make your own decisions in your life and to make you happy while you follow their will. They prepare you for your "good" decisions practically from birth, and they do it so cleverly that you cannot even notice. 

Through everyday propaganda, media convince people that money is the biggest if not the only value. Money is a medium of purchase that regulates the market of goods and services and therefore objectively it is a value but in today's alienated society this value is very exaggerated. If you think a little bit you would see that air is certainly more valuable than money, because without air there would not be us. But air no one or almost no one considers a value mostly because it cannot be privatized and nobody can make money on it. Man to man should be the greatest value, but money gives power over the people, which denies the value of man. Love and friendship are certainly natural values but money as a value brings out greed that destroys love and friendship. Overestimating the value of money brings alienation in every pore of society and social relations. People who accept money as the greatest value under the pressure of propaganda are great enemies to themselves, because they act against their own nature and against the nature of the society in which they live. 

Events that are not convenient to the Rothschild family, such as, for example, my philosophy do not have access to the media, and therefore neither to the people. The media around the world are very uniform and selective in presentation of events around the world, which indicates that they are under the control of a narrow circle of people. It comes to mind for example that the Serbs were accused for ten years of ethnic cleansing in the former Yugoslavia in virtually all the Western media. At the same time, Turkey committed ethnic cleansing of Kurds that have passed almost unnoticed by the media. As a result, Serbia was bombed due to "public pressure" and Turkey did not suffer any sanctions. What was the essential difference? Serbia refused to obey to dictates from the Rothschilds and Turkey is already a colony like most of the countries around the world. 

Since the Internet appeared, the Rothschilds have been trying to have the greatest influence in this field as well. Their agents purchase influential websites and quickly form new ones in an attempt to take control over the Internet information distribution. Recently I was particularly attracted to the websites,,, etc. All these websites are calling for positive changes in society and are allegedly particularly interested to help disempowered people on the bottom of the "pyramid". But it is just a mask. Behind all these web sites lies a powerful organization of private sponsors who have their own private interests. has even published some of my articles, and accepted two projects of mine in the contests of new ideas: Humanistic enterprises and Democratic anarchy. But they ignore my work. The Rothschilds plan to ignore my ideas and everyone else’s that propose real change to world and drown them in a sea of other ideas. Not one idea in the competition at can compare with mine, but “excellences” of the alienated system of education cannot see it. The Rothschilds count on the inability of people that they have risen for generations. In addition I have already mentioned that the Rothschild could have bought half of the world in the last three centuries and thus can directly control half of humankind. The managers of their companies and organizations may not know that they are agents of the Rothschilds, but they know very well that they are privileged and do not want to do anything that might upset their employers. Thus, the Rothschilds prevent the acceptance of new ideas that can improve society. The websites that advocate changes in society, which are sponsored by companies or organizations, would most likely stop changes from happening. 

The Rothschilds like the “resistance” provided by the “excellences” they themselves have raised. Naomi Klein for example, wrote the book "No Logo". In this book she calls upon people not to buy goods from brands such as Nike, for example, because this emerging multinational corporation thrives enormously at the expense of cheap labour in developing countries. The Rothschilds are very likely the owners of Nike and should not support such writing. So why is her work supported by media and publishers? Because the chances of success of her idea is practically nonexistent. The Rothschilds adore helpless critique and help it. Such ideas give the illusion of freedom of public expression, which directs the society in a struggle that cannot succeed. There are a number of “excellences” that advocate human rights, women's rights, gay rights, the rights of the poor, who are also supported by the agents of the Rothschild family, because all these people cannot achieve success in improving this world. They are useful to the Rothschilds because they took up the public space so much that my work, which is the only way to improve society, cannot break through. 

If there is a possibility that my work may come closer to public, then the real power of the Rothschild family arrives on the scene. Two years ago, Google has opened a competition inviting good ideas that can change the world. I participated with my project along with more than 150,000 other projects. The winner has not been declared after more than a year. Why? Google does not want to accept my ideas because they present the end of capitalism, the very system on which Google has been established. But my system does not threaten Google or its owners in any way. My system will one day inevitably completely change the world and make it a wonderful place to live. Not accepting such work is immoral. It is also immoral to delete the efforts of 150,000 contestants who submitted their projects and participated in the competition. This can cause damage to Google. Why is it so important for Google to defend capitalism? I think that the preponderance of the decision to cancel the competition was made above Google. The Rothschilds have great influences in all companies including Google even if they are not the principal shareholders. The Rothschilds are the ones who have an interest to defend capitalism at any cost.

The Rothschilds are so rich that profits do not mean much to them. I think that they are the prevailing owners of the tobacco industry in the world and they attacked it themselves. Why? There can be many reasons but I believe that the main reason is testing their own power. If they win over one of the strongest, most widespread addictions of people such as smoking cigarettes, then nothing can stop them from ruling the world. At least they believe so. 

The Rothschild family creates the culture of the whole world as well. If you pay attention you can notice that all countries in the world overtake a unique fashion, music, film and television program. Thus countries become cultural colonies of the Rothschilds. You can recognize that by the identical shows on television like Who Wants To Be A Millionaire or American Idol airing all around the world. Unique culture creates a unique orientation of people and thus facilitates the work for great manipulators. This culture aims to capture thoughts of people and not to give them the freedom to feel what is good for them. It will give them "answers" to all their questions and offer them everything they "need". Today's culture propagates illusions, immorality, superficiality, kitsch, gossip, violence, cruelty, greed, shallowness, artificiality, and the situation is getting worse every day because the media cannot offer anything better. Today’s society is deeply alienated from its nature and therefore requires perverted values on its own. It cannot recognize true values because people have been living without freedom for generations and were systematically stupidified in order to be unable to get rid of those who govern.  

Process of disalienation 

The Rothschild conspiracy prevents the development of civilization and degenerates human beings. It is the way to total alienation, to the eruption of dissatisfaction and destruction. The Rothschilds aim to dominate over the whole world and they cannot be satisfied until that goal is achieved. But this goal cannot be achieved because not all people can be obedient followers, obedient consumers of ideas, images, tastes, and sounds. This is because people need freedom. People will sooner or later strongly oppose the Rothschilds because by their nature they cannot live in a cage even if it is made by gold. 

Capitalism that the Rothschilds defend is deeply immoral and therefore there is no hope for it. In addition, capitalism is developed to the point where it can no longer achieve improvement in society; it is no longer a rational enough system and as such presents a brake for the development of civilization. In the article End of Capitalism I have presented why it is time for capitalism to go down in history now and the basis of the new system humanism that will replace it. This system will overcome alienation as well. 

In today's world the meaning of the word alienation is very underdeveloped. The meaning of this word in the English-speaking world is so suppressed that there is not a word that defines the condition that prevails alienation. In that way, the idea that would express the need for society to be put in the opposite position of alienation is suppressed. I use this meaning in my language a lot so that I had to translate it as a “disalienation“ in the English language even though you cannot find it in the English dictionary. 

There is only one exit from the alienation of today’s society and that is the establishment of equal rights among the people. There exists only one equal rights or they are not equal. Partially equal rights or almost equal rights do not exist because then we are talking about unequal rights. Even slightly uneven rights create privileges with very negative consequences that sooner or later cause problems in society. I have written more about that in the article Privileges are evil. I am the first to define the society with equal rights of people. So that, my way is the only good way for humanity. I presented such a society in my book Humanism, which is available free of charge here. 

The equal rights will be achieved when all people get equal rights to work at any workplace, when all people get equal legislative, judicial and executive powers in the society through the equal right of evaluation, and when all people get an equal right to participate in making decisions of common interest. All these rights are completely opposite to the rights authorities have established in order to rule society, and therefore cannot be easily adopted. But there is no other good way. When people accept equal rights, society will get rid of alienation and then, this world will be improved beyond the wildest dreams today.

July 25, 2010


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