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My book "Humanism" presents the development of society starting from capitalism to socialism to communism, the most developed society. The book introduces a lot of new ideas in the political and economic fields so that it might not be easily understandable to the average reader. For this reason, I have created three stories which simply, through dialogue, present the most significant characteristics of all three systems. Together, they show a bright future for humankind.

Since movies are generally popular, I've presented the stories in the form of screenplays. Right now I am trying to find a director or producer for this movie. Until I succeed, by reading this screenplay you may get to know the principles of how a very developed society will look like in the future.  

Scenario "Good Capitalism" - This scenario presents the highest stage of humane capitalism through storyline. Unemployment would be eliminated by shortening work hours. Employers would reduce turnover by raising wages which, in turn, would bring better life to all. The script has been completed in December 2011.

Scenario "Good Socialism" - This scenario presents the highest stage of humane socialism through storyline. Socialism will win over capitalism by having more market of work than capitalism could afford. That would make socialism more productive than capitalism so that it will send capitalism down in history. The scenario is in production but you can read a part of it. 

Scenario "Good Communism" - The scenario presents humane communism through storyline. It is the final stage of socialism. To achieve it, all the people should allocate, by their free will, all their incomes for taxes. That would make all goods and services free of charge for all the people. The script has been completed in September 2006


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