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Welcome to my web site. I am Aleksandar Šarović (Pronunciation: Sha:rovich)

I have created this site to present my book



A Philosophic-Ethical-Political-Economic Study of the Development of the Society


This book defines the system that will replace capitalism


and finally create a good society



Preface: Totalitarian socialism has been withering away while totalitarian liberal capitalism, better known as globalisation or capitalist imperialism, has been reaching the culmination of its power. We should say that capitalism has been bringing a huge economic growth and decent prosperity to humankind but also it was never an ideal system. Liberal capitalism also causes injustice, exploitation, unemployment, crime, oppression, destruction, crises, aggression, and wars. When liberal capitalism enters a big crisis, which is inevitable in the future, it will bring lots of danger to humankind. Liberal capitalism could be regulated in the way to improve society, but regardless of it, capitalism today obstructs the development of civilisation.

My book “Humanism”, presented at this web site, gives the solution to the problems of the present-day society. It defines a new political and economic system equally acceptable to all. The system will give the people more freedom than anyone can imagine today, but will also establish responsibility of each individual towards each member of the society. The whole system is based on a new highly developed form of democracy. You will probably be surprised to see that the new system may achieve greater economic productivity than capitalism, and stability that capitalism cannot provide at all. Ultimately, it will force capitalism to withdraw. The new system prevents hunger, crime, war, and all kinds of destruction in the society and encourages development of productive human powers. In short, the system promises a better life to everyone and harmony to the people. I also believe that the system will be the condition sine qua non for a good future of mankind. According to me, the world will be a much better place in the third millennium and you may find in this book why. 

From the very beginning my goal was to form a permanent good and sane society and on the way to achieve this goal I did not adhere to any limitations. As a result, I realized that a permanent good and sane society will not be possible to establish without radical changes of the systems in which we live. The system I have proposed strongly differs from all known models; practically nothing will be the same. Unfortunately, people hardly accept big changes no matter how good they are, so that the system cannot be established quickly. However, this web site may open discussions that will enable the gradual acceptance of the new system which will by time stop evil and develop a good and sane society.

If this preface has made you interested in the topic, please visit my page Humanism Shortly. There you can find nine articles that briefly present the system I have proposed in different ways. If you would like to know very briefly how the system will solve the biggest problems of today's society please visit the pages in Essential Thoughts and Essays. If you do not like science please read the scenarios Good Capitalism, Good Socialism, and Good Communism which present the bright future of humankind through stories. If you like the ideas, the whole book is available here: Table of Contents and you may download it free of charge here: Downloads

Any remark or criticism will be welcome, particularly if it points out non-clarities that are probably present in the text. Even though the idea is finished, the system still needs to be more developed and improved before the implementation. The book has already been presented to intellectuals of different profiles and none of them have negated the acceptability and feasibility of the described system. If one takes into account the topic the book elaborates, it is already a great success.





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