Mayan Prophecy

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Mayan Prophecy is True

Jacob Rothschild is guilty
for the conspiracy against humankind. A good society will be much easier to establish when the Rothschild family is stopped. It's not hard to do. You people, who face increasing problems of living, largely protest and demonstrate on the streets of cities around the world. I must tell you that the protests against governments are useless because governments are just predetermined scapegoats. Nothing would be better if you replace a head of state or government. Protests against corporations and banks also cannot bring success, because they are only tools of power. You should demonstrate against the Rothschilds because they are to blame for all the problems. Once accused, they will retreat into defense, which will allow for a better tomorrow.
If you Americans, want to relieve the colonial chains you must stop Jacob Rothschild. Syrians, peace and justice cannot arrive in your country until you stop Jacob Rothschild. Iranians, if you want the West to let
you live in peace you must stop Jacob Rothschild. Serbs, if you want to cleanse your name you must stop Jacob Rothschild. If your country is over-indebted, and riddled with high and imposing taxes, Jacob Rothschild is as guilty for it because he corrupts politicians. Workers, if you want to ensure the right to work you must stop Jacob Rothschild. He deliberately keeps the unemployment rate high in order to pay you less for your work. Folks, if you had any problem that has affected you, Jacob Rothschild is guilty for it. If you live in poverty, Jacob Rothschild is guilty because he seizes the money that should belong to you. If you, or your loved ones, have been a victim of crime, Jacob Rothschild is guilty because he has built a criminal society. If you've lost someone close in the war, Jacob Rothschild is guilty because he is the main initiator of wars. If you are hungry anywhere in this world, Jacob Rothschild is guilty because he builds an immoral society. If your spouse has left you, Jacob Rothschild is accountable for it because he has built an unhealthy society. If you are not the greatest authority for your children, Jacob Rothschild is guilty because he breaks families. If you are sick, if you are high or drunk, Jacob Rothschild is guilty because he formed a sick society. If you are dissatisfied and unhappy, Jacob Rothschild is guilty because he does not allow the formation of a healthy society. Folks, even if you lack nothing, you would not be mistaken if you fight against Jacob Rothschild, because he builds a very uncertain future.



My voice is not strong enough, because I have not access to the media so I ask kindly for your help. I made up this poster, which accuses Jacob Rothschild. Get it by clicking on the image above or on this link. Create a picket sign from it. When you decide to demonstrate against anyone, anywhere, bring that picket sign with you because Jacob Rothschild is certainly directly or indirectly guilty for what ails you. You may also attach this poster on the rear windows of your car or print it on a T-shirt. Show to the world that you are tired of injustice and evil. You people have the power; you just need to use it. If a sufficient number of you people carry this poster, it will send a strong message to society that will stop the Rothschilds and open the gates for the creation of a much better future for mankind.

It would not be bad, for instance, if you come and bring the posters to the front of Waddesdon Manor, Buckinghamshire, England, where Jacob Rothschild lives. Go there and accuse him for the evil that has befallen on you. Inform RT (Russian Television) about it. They will be happy to broadcast your demonstration worldwide. Russian TV is the biggest thing that the Russian government has made because it is the only influential television in the west independent from the Rothschild family.

I am convinced that Jacob Rothschild is a coward. He has lived far too comfortably that he could be brave. Once you people start demonstrating against him and accusing him for his crimes, he will be scared and will stop committing evil. This statement of course leads me to a danger. In this regard, I declare: If by some chance I get struck by lightning while I am walking my dog Meda, or
if I eat green salad with polonium dressing, or something like that happens to me, I want you to know that I accuse Jacob Rothschild for that.

Under the influence of the Rothschild family you people persistently choose very complicated option that cannot solve any of the social problems of the world. My philosophy is very simple and it will solve all the social problems of the world. Once you begin to examine my philosophy, the Rothschilds will not have any chances.

My philosophy is based on equal rights among people. Only equal rights among the people can build a bright future for humankind. To be clearer, as long as privileges exist there cannot be equal rights among people, and society can not solve its problems. It cannot be good. There is only one “equal rights” and I have defined them. Equal rights among the people will save this world from evil and build a paradise on earth. In this paradise evil will no longer exist, no one will fear for their future. All people will be happy and satisfied. The changes will be so large that practically nothing will remain the same. The history prior to the implementation of my social system will be called barbarism and from the implementation will be called civilization.

My philosophy will realize the messianic prophecy. This means that I am messiah Aleksandar. According to the Mayan prophecy the Messianic changes are expected to start today, 21.12.2012. That is why I published this article just today. Today, by this action against Jacob Rothschilds I have begun a movement of transformation in society. I do not know when the transformation will occur but I know that it will happen because there is no other alternative for the realization of a good society.



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