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Marx was very wrong

Social sciences are based on the authorities from the 18th and 19th century. The father of today's economy is Adam Smith. He presented the market economy as the "invisible hand" that leads private producers to promote social interest through the implementation of self-interest. Good manufacturers produce goods that are in demand on the market well and therefore achieve a good price with which the good producers make a good profit. Weaker manufacturers cannot compete on a commodity market so they are forced to sell their work to capitalists. In a society where the demand and supply of work is equal, every worker is well paid. When labor supply becomes far greater than demand, which is something capitalists may easily achieve, then the workers are forced to accept lower wages in order to survive. That is how the capitalists realize profits through the exploitation of workers. The capitalists would be happiest if the development of the economy ended up with Adam Smith’s theory regardless of the fact that the free market often brings economic and social crisis. The market solves such crises by creating a painful balance in which the marginalized workers suffer the most. The problem with capitalism is that it values profit over people.

In support of marginalized workers, socialists who advocated equality among people and social ownership of the means of production appeared. On the top of that group rose Karl Marx, who is accepted as the leader of politics and economics of socialism. He predicted that capitalism will destroy itself through its own inner contradictions. We have just witnessed the falling of the profit rate, which, according to Marx, is one of the reasons that cause the end of capitalism. In the developed world, interest rates are very low. A small increase in the interest rates may lead to a series of company bankruptcies. On the other hand, the fall of interest removes profit and represents the end of capitalism. Capitalism practically has no more operational space for its own advancement, and therefore it presents an obstacle for the development of civilization.

The only thing that keeps capitalism alive today is the lack of a better system that could replace it. Thanks should be given to Karl Marx who wrongly directed the Left political orientation. By studying the "widest" law of movements in society through the dialectical and historical materialism, Marx concluded that the free market should be abolished because of the exploitation of workers. Antagonism between workers and capitalists, according to Marx, can only be solved through revolution. These are probably the greatest intellectual errors in the history of mankind of which have obstructed the development of society.

Marx should have struggled to shorten the working hours of workers proportionally to the unemployment rate and the market would then align supply and demand of labor and the income height level in the acceptable limits for workers and capitalists. By proposing the abolition of the market, Marx removed the scale that enables the effective performance of the economy. By abolishing the market, Marx abolished the categories that define the productive producers, quality of goods, demand, objective price and earnings. He actually beheaded the economy. Marx was aware of it and so he offered a substitute for the market economy with a planned economy based on people's consciousness. The idea of a planned economy was correct in the market economy as well but only if it is democratically formed because it is the only way to follow the needs of the people. Without computer technology, a democratically planned economy could not be successfully implemented.

The consciousness to which Marx called upon is an idealized construction that cannot be explicitly defined and so everyone can interpret it as they wishe. Even the worst murderer could find an excuse in his conscience for the crimes he performs. A system cannot be based on idealized values. Idealism is even contrary to the Marx's materialist philosophy. Thus, blabbers who "knew" how society should develop joined scene occurred. Lenin used Marx's philosophy to perform the socialist revolution but he completely removed Marx's notion of equality of men claiming that workers have not developed enough knowledge and consciousness, and therefore they must be guided. Referring to Marx, these blabbers largely represented their own interests. Under the influence of Lenin, all socialist states typically had the same presidents over the span of a lifetime who imposed their wills upon the people more than kings could have done. People who do not have the freedom to bring to life their productive forces cannot be productive. And so socialism has formed a very inefficient and unhealthy economy that destroyed socialism and the left political and economic orientation.

Even today a lot of social scientists naively expect a revolution that will change the Western world. Revolution cannot bring a good result because no violence can bring a good result. Besides that, only a hungry majority of people could raise a revolution and they do not exist in the Western world. Marxism would not be allowed to preach at universities if it could forcefully threat capitalism. It even seems to me that capitalism likes Marxism because it puts progressive forces on the wrong path. If some ideas appear that could challenge capitalism, they are blocked by the economic power of capitalism that prevents the access of such ideas to the public. Besides, capitalism invests a tremendous energy in brainwashing the people, after which they are not able to recognize good ideas.

Marx did not see that the abolition of the market economy not only abolishes the exploitation of workers but also the only possible basis for the establishment of a healthy economy. The problem of the market economy is not too much market, but in fact not enough market because the labor market is completely undeveloped. The developed work market requires free access for each worker to every public workplace at any time. It is possible to realize only in public companies in the manner that at every workplace a worker who offers the highest productivity, greatest personal responsibility, and the lowest price for current work should be hired.

The developed labor market will highly advance the "invisible hand" which will bring today unthinkable balance into the process of work division and enormous benefits to society as a whole. It will abolish the privileges and exploitation to which Marx complained because no one can exploit the people who can take the position of the "exploiters" at any time. The labor market will abolish privileges and the socially devastating corruption they bring. The free choice to work will allow work to become a value for itself and people will find a far greater satisfaction in work than they do today. Only that can result in the association of free producers Marx called upon. At the end, the best workers at every public workplace will achieve a higher productivity than the private companies can so that the work market will end capitalism. A developed market is the best allocation of work possible but also I would add that it is the only good one. It presents the only possible path to socialism and a better society. These are successes that revolution and imposed ideology cannot achieve.

The new economy requires a precise monitoring of job offers and of defined responsibilities of all workers, which is not possible to achieve without computer technology. For this reason, Marx was not able to think about developing the labor market. A greater desire than technological capabilities directed Marx and the Left to the completely wrong way.

The right-oriented social scientists, under the influence of the imposed education system and conservative environment in which they live, cannot go far enough in changing the existing system to make these changes have a satisfactory effect to the improvement of society.

Capitalism is in the final criminal imperialist stage

Capitalism has never had the competition of a better system and that is the only reason it survives. The market competition of privete companies has largely formed a small circle of winners who secretly rule the world with the financial power they possess. This power controls economics, politics, science, education, and media almost all over the world. In such a way, they carry out the exploitation of the whole world. These people hide their power because in that manner nobody can accuse them of causing harm to the world. I wrote about them in the article "Has the Antichrist Come?"1 Only their poltroons have influence in society and so they could easily prevent any positive change in society. They are so powerful that could remove almost everything that opposes them. The changes in government in the Middle East and North Africa that is occuring right now are their deeds. They have a goal to put all these countries and their people under their control. The aggression against Libya is certainly their work because they want to steal Libyan oil. I have no proof for that but the claim is built on the fact that nobody except them could mobilize the presidents of the developed countries to commit criminal attack on a sovereign country and then get world media to give full support to this criminal aggression.

As a result of their work, a very irrational, unjust and immoral civilization is established, that is probably fatal for humans. Nearly seven billion people on planet Earth are not satisfied with the way they live, which opens the valves to destruction in society. They heavily pollute land, water, and air which endangers our health. At this point they can only be fed than
ks to artificial fertilizers based on oil that might soon no longer exist. So what then? The rulers of the world have found that they could no longer reduce the population of planet Earth enough through wars, so that they are trying to reduce the population of the world by poisoning food using the criminal international regulation of food production called "Codex Alimentarius"2, established in the year 1963 at the UN level. By its help, they impose rules to food manufacturers throughout the world that, among other things, limit the amount of nutrition in processed foods and encourage or enforce manufacturers to use very unhealthy ingredients. As a result, people today progressively suffer from serious illnesses that require expensive treatment. This brings huge profits to the medical and pharmaceutical industry, which is mainly owned by the same group of people who produce food. This develops the cycle that leads to disease and the death of people. Rima A. Laibow M.D. Medical Director of The Natural Solutions Foundation. who dedicated his life fighting for healthy food, stated by citing the WHO / FAO report, that the application of the rules and guidelines of "Codex Alimentarius" at the global level is to cause illness and death of billions of people.

So where is the exit?

The solution for humanity requires a radical change of the whole society we live in. This change must be acceptable to all people equally or it will sooner or later surely lead to discord in society. It must be based on the equal rights of people. It must follow the nature of society and respect the nature that surrounds us. It must effectively meet the needs of individuals and society as a whole. Dear readers, it probably seems to you that such a society cannot be achieved, however I have defined it on this web site4.

On the path to creating a good society, I had to reject the social sciences almost completely because they are on the wrong way and are unable to offer a good solution for society. I approached the creation of a good society in the same way as car designers would approach the creation of a good car. My method is based on system engineering, logic, and wisdom5. I explored how the most rational political and economic input of people would bring the maximum output for society. Fuel for social activities will be based on more economic market6 and more political market7 than capitalism can afford so that it will send capitalism down in history. Once accepted by the society, the new labor and policy market will establish an undestroyable equilibrium in society. The new political economy I designed, will establish people as the greatest values8. The new system will in a completely original democratic way solve social problems of society and make this world a wonderful place to live.

I’ve worked on the new system for 30 years. Social scientists do not accept me because their knowledge is based on the authorities of the 19th century. Can you imagine a super car designer that follows the design of carriages from the 19th century? Moreover, they do not understand the optimal principles of technical engineering on which my work is based. At the end I must say that the system I have proposed abolishes the privileges of social scientists as well so that they avoid my ideas even though they are the only good solution for humanity. The lack of support for my work endangers society and prevents the arrival of a bright future for humankind.

Aleksandar Šarović

April 27,.2011





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