Everlasting life?

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Everlasting life?


Jesus Christ allegedly said: “I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.” (John 14:6). This is probably a free interpretation of Jesus' words that should probably read that his way is the only way to God, the Father. The formal difference between these two claims is slight but essentially it is very large. I think it is wrong to expect that only followers of Jesus Christ can reach God. What would happen in that case with either the followers of other religions or those who have never heard of Jesus Christ? Do they therefore have no access to God? No matter how God loves His Son Jesus Christ, it would be unfair, and God is not unjust. 

The way that Jesus Christ is preached was known before him. This is the way of love. Jesus Christ had realized the importance of love, because he lived in very destructive times. According to the Bible, his greatest achievement was the sacrifice of his life in order to cleanse humanity of sin. With this he has clearly demonstrated his love for people and the importance that love should have in people's lives, but that sacrifice is not enough to prove his divine origin. In human history many people have sacrificed their lives in the name of ideas they believed in. Giordano Bruno, for example, was burned at the stake because he could not deny his seeing of the universe. Jesus during his lifetime did not show such a power that would clearly present that he is Son of God even though He made grandiose achievements. His sacrifice drew attention to his teaching. His teachings formed the Christian religion with which he had directed his followers, the Christians, to good. He became the most influential person of all time. Any man who under influence of Jesus Christ accepted love, together has accepted the only way to God, the Father. 

But how did Jesus Christ become the only way to God? It suited devoted believers well that Jesus Christ is the only way to God because such an attitude released them from fear of uncertainty and that greatly relieves their lives. It also suited great manipulators well that Jesus Christ is the only way to God. They pretend to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ and then interpret his words as it suits them. It often happens that fraudsters, criminals, and murderers call upon Jesus Christ in order to present their criminal path as valid, and become the most influential people in society. In that way, in fact, they claim the power of Jesus Christ. President George W. Bush is certainly one of those people. Of course people who really believe in Jesus Christ cannot be fraudsters, criminals and murderers, but today the average man cannot see it. Why is this so? The authorities have taught people to be obedient followers throughout the whole history of mankind. People who passively accept knowledge are unable to conclude the issue. It is easier to them to believe authorities even if they were fraudsters, criminals and murderers. Today, there are a lot of aggressive people who declare they to believe in Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ will never bless aggression; so all the people who are aggressive cannot be followers of Jesus Christ. 

Love is the only good way, but under the influence of crooks, criminals and murderers who have leading roles in today's society, not many people are able to recognize love. If you dear readers think that you know what love is, I have created a test that will answer whether you're right. The test is in my article Do you Love?  

Today, people often confuse love and narcissism and it is very wrong. Love is good and narcissism is evil. If you spend a lot of time admiring your beauty, power or wealth then you are narcissistic. Such admiration brings you pleasure, but together with this admiration, you book in your future at least the same amount of time spent in pain and suffering. It is a natural law that derives from the narcissistic character of people. Why is this so? A narcissistic man interprets all the success in his life as a form of overcoming his powerlessness in nature. Then he realizes the great fortune, but overcoming his powerlessness is largely an illusion. The illusion of overcoming powerlessness in nature sooner or later clashes with reality and then inevitably brings pain. When a person admires himself he is falling into a trap that leads to disaster. People do not see it because they would otherwise have chosen a different path. The most successful people today usually suffer the most. They take medication and abuse alcohol in order to reduce the pain that haunts them. Pain makes them very destructive to themselves and to their environment. Then life turns into hell. This is exactly the situation we have today in society. With such a life no one can get to God the Father. 

A man who learns to love possesses a successful vaccine against narcissism and cannot fall into its fatal trap. If society as a whole would learn to love it would no longer have problems. That is why Jesus Christ taught people to love. In the name of spreading love, He has invited people to do good, to avoid sin and to pray to God. At the time when Jesus Christ lived on Earth building love was a matter of conscience. It was the only possible way of spreading love. If people were conscious they would be able to develop love by following Jesus but humankind has shown that the conscience is not successful enough in creating love. That is why Jesus Christ was as successful as possible in the given circumstances. 

Today it is possible to develop love much more with the help of computer technology. I know it sounds weird but it's true. Computer technology time enables the establishment of equal rights among people for the first and that is a basic condition for the creation of love. Equal rights among men require the participation of all people in making decisions of common interest. It can be effectively achieved only with the help of computer technology. 

The biggest improvement of society in the history of mankind will be realized by using the system of evaluation among the people that I have created. Each person will have an equal right to evaluate the activity of any other person. Each positive assessment will automatically bring a small prize to the positively assessed man and every negative assessment will result in a small punishment. A democratic anarchy will direct each member of society to create the greatest possible advantages for society, and to diminish or abolish the creation of all forms of disadvantages.

A democratic anarchy will direct each member of society to create the greatest possible advantages for society, and to diminish or abolish the creation of all forms of disadvantages. Such a measure will definitely decrease uncontrolled or insufficiently controlled individual power originating from a privileged social status. I have to stress that the privileged status of individuals causes the greatest inconveniences and problems to a society. Given that all individuals will have the equal right of evaluation, and that they will give their assessments independent of any written rules, such a democracy will assume the form of anarchy. In this extremely simple way, the people will for the first time in the history of humankind realize a great direct power in society, which will result in highly harmonious and constructive social relations.

The system of evaluation that I have proposed has conceptual similarities with the Bible. The Bible has offered a solution that could form a good society through the golden rule, which reads: "Do onto others as you would have them do onto you!" But this sentence is also called upon the conscience of the people because at that time it could not count on anything else, and the golden rule was quite helpless. So far people have not learned how to easily implement the golden rule. I've found it! The system of evaluation among the people will fully comply with the requirement of the golden rules and it will remove evil and build paradise on earth. 

With the establishment of equal rights, the people will get an equal power in society and that will create equal respect among people. People will no longer feel superior to others and will not be afraid of other people. The system of evaluation will teach people that no matter what kind of success they achieve in their lives they cannot forget that they are equal members of society. It will liberate people from narcissism and enable the development of love. The productive orientation of people that my system offers through freedom and equality will by the time create unconditional love among people. With the help of technology, I have created a far more efficient way to introduce and spread love than Jesus Christ could have accomplished. 

A man who loves, diminishes the possibility to sin. The system I have proposed will eventually completely remove sin. No prayer would any longer be required. Prayer has not only religious but also secular meaning. It creates respect for people and nature. The system that I proposed would build far more respect than pray can. When people accept my system, they would unconditionally establish heaven on earth where evil will be completely deleted. You can briefly learn what it is about in my article Humanism extensively. All people will be able to love and as such they will all probably go to another world to God the Father, where they will achieve everlasting life.

Despite the fact that my work gives hope for a better future of mankind so far I have not managed to motivate interest from anyone to examine it. For the purpose of attracting attention to my work I even asked: Am I Jesus Christ?, and even that did not bring success. The problem is that people who obediently follow parents, teachers, bosses, politicians, priests, and even Jesus Christ do not learn to recognize the truth in them. Uncritically accepted knowledge is a set of information and not knowledge. Such people cannot recognize my work even though it is the only one that could form the bright future of mankind. Authorities do not like my work either because it takes away their privileged power. That is the reason the bright future of humankind is yielded. In order to make any progress in society possible, people must be free from the yoke of authorities. Authorities should not be unconditionally followed, but they should be checked and respected only if they deserve it. This also applies to me. I do not ask for anything else. My theory is very simple and relatively easy to check. One day my system will be examined because there is no other good way. If the check up of my work proves that I am right, does that mean that I am Jesus Christ? If I'm not Jesus Christ and my philosophy is to make heaven on earth, then is the Christian religion pointless? 

The survival of the Christian religion depends on whether Jesus Christ is resurrected three days after his death. His resurrection would confirm everlasting life, which is one of the basic postulates of the Christian religion. According to the Bible, which one can buy in any bookstore, all people who believe in Jesus Christ are assigned an everlasting life. The Internet site Beyond Today in the article What happens after death?, unconditionally confirms this hypothesis. They believe that after the return of Jesus Christ, God would create an entirely new material world in which people will achieve everlasting life. They cited a question from sceptical people who think that our life is too painful and difficult enough and why would anyone want to live forever? They answer to such people that God will make everlasting life better and more beautiful than are our wildest hopes. We can believe it or not but it will not help us find the truth. 

In nature, matter is constantly moving and passes from one state to another. Nothing is indestructible in the material world, neither diamonds, nor stars, and so man cannot be indestructible either. God should completely stop the motion of matter in order to give eternity to that matter. This means He would have to stop atoms and the whole universe. I would easily say that this is impossible if the Bible does not state that God is omnipotent. But if He did it somehow that would stop light so that such a world would not be seen. That would stop breathing because the air has become immobile. This means that the everlasting material life would cease the life that God had created, and therefore I do not believe that God will go that way. I'd say that for this reason, most Christians believe that everlasting life rests in the spiritual world. It seems more likely to me but I can not confirm it. Even though I applied for the position of Jesus Christ, unfortunately I cannot say anything for sure about another world, because I was not there, or I do not remember that I was there. This is certainly a serious blow to any chance that I could be Jesus Christ. Or maybe it is not? 

A profound website 2001 Translation Bible that again translates the original Bible written in the Greek language, claims in the article: Does the Bible promise everlasting life?, that the answer to that question is yes and no. The reason for such an answer lays in the fact that the words "everlasting life" does not exist in the original Bible. Due to the different meanings of related words in different languages, the translators of the Bible often freely interpreted the verses. Later in the article they questioned: "Then, what will happen to the faithful?” The article offers the answer: "The Bible simply doesn’t tell us, but we can be confident that Jesus will never destroy those he loves." 

The differences in understanding the Bible are very large so that it is possible to accept very different interpretations that affect the very basis of the religion. What is for sure, God created a man giving him an optimal life. Neither shorter nor longer lives are desirable because God knows best what is the optimal life for people. But if a man would like to have a good life he must respect the laws of nature that God created. 

I am positive that God intended equal rights to men in society and that is what was never formed. That is the reason the history of humanity was so bad and destructive. People who are forced to follow the authorities because the authorities have power, or people who follow the authorities because they are afraid of making an independent step are on the wrong track. Such people easily accept alienated values from God such as money, power, or fame. Such needs are not natural and therefore cannot be satisfied. People who accept such values cannot be satisfied with their lives. From that emerges the widespread poverty of life regardless of what these people have achieved in their lives. They live unnatural, unfulfilled lives, and that is the reason they fear death. 

People need to properly meet the nature of their lives that God has given them. It is about a productive way of life and love that the Bible talks about and even more my web site www.sarovic.com. People who live natural lives generally easily satisfy their needs and at the time of their late life, they do not need anything more. Their soul is calm and then they become free men in the broadest sense. The lives they lived are enough reward. Such people are not afraid of death because they know they have not missed anything in their life. 

If everlasting life occurs after this, and if that life would be better than our wildest dreams, as some Christian authorities claim, then such a life would be welcome. However, one shall not expect salvation from outside, salvation brings each man to himself by his own productive way of living that must necessarily coincide with the will of God. Who makes good, good will return to him and vice versa.

August 24, 2010

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