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Marina and Ivana




Curriculum Vitae - Aleksandar Šarović


I was born in Zagreb, Croatia, the former Yugoslavia, in 1955. I got my education there and acquired the title of graduate engineer in architecture. As a student of the third year of the Faculty of Architecture, I won in the Yugoslav anonymous architectural competition for the arrangement of the Republic Square of Zagreb.

After returning home from the regular military service in 1982, I was deeply dissatisfied with the general situation prevailing in the society. I felt that my work engagement in the then society could not yield satisfactory results. I had not envisioned the war in Yugoslavia, but saw a serious crisis in the system of values that leaded to the war (Current situation in the world is in this regard, not better, if not much worse). I thus concluded that the only right way was to discover a new social system able to improve the society. I got the main ideas almost instantly which challenged me to start writing the book "Humanism". The challenge still exists.

As I had to make some earnings for everyday life, I accepted a job of a police inspector for the fire protection in Zagreb where I worked for seven years. In summer 1991, I resigned because of Croatia's preparation for the war, and left Croatia together with my wife.  

In late 1990, I married Dušica, a chemical engineer, a programmer, a super wife and mother, a partner just as anyone could want. Dušica was born in Valjevo, Serbia, Yugoslavia. We were in Valjevo two years, engaging in all kinds of jobs until 1993, when we came to Canada, that accomodated us well. Presently, Dušica and I have our own consulting company and work as programmers. Our daughters, Marina and Ivana were born here, in Canada. They are our angels.  

I have been persistently elaborating the proposed system as it promises a bright future for humankind. Creating good systems have been the most proclaimed topic through history but also they were the most forbidden and suppressed topics of all time. That is the reason almost nobody has been dealing with developing social systems despite the fact that the needs have been great and possibilities unlimited. I have invested a lot of effort and have succeeded in defining the system that would create a good and sane society. As early as ten years ago, my book received nice recognitions, and it is progressing.



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