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Pink Floyd





Pink Floyd's - Good music.

Zeitgeist movies by Peter Joseph about the corruption of capitalism.

Oh Canada Movie is about the corruption of politicians in Canada and everywhere.  

Annie Leonard - The Story about Stuff - movie 20 minutes.

Lorraine Day M.D survived breast cancer by the natural way of living. 

Rothschilds Exposed presents the conspiracy theory about the family Rothschild

Michael Parenti is a objective observer of the World events.

David Icke - Turning of the Tide - Exposes the real story behind global events

Food, Inc. - Movie about food we buy and eat.

Vaccine Nation - Documentary about vaccination.

Codex Alimentarius - Dr. Laibow talks about a deadly conspiracy affecting food.

End Game - Blueprint For Global Enslavement - Alex Jones

Syria - The True Story

Your Enemy: George Soros

North-Korean Documentary - The world in the North-Korean view

Brother Nathanael - YouTube - Jew and Orthodox priest openly about the problems around the world

Dr Peter G°tzsche exposes big pharma as organized crime.


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