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Republic Square
Google Project 10^100




1978        Arrangement of the Republic Square in Zagreb, Croatia.  

                 My project won the Yugoslav Architectural Competition 




2004        "Discovering Utopia Again" in Zagreb, Croatia.

2004        "Utopian World Championship 2003/2004" in Stockholm, Sweden.

I participated in two competitions in Zagreb and Stockholm. All of the competitors invested a great effort but hadn't presented a solution that might create a good society. Nobody in the history of humankind has done so. I have. I gave clear solutions to the problems of today's society. I've developed a completely new social-economic system that will replace capitalism. The new system will form a good and sane society with wonderful, joyful and happy people. However, I did not get any kind of recognition in these competitions.



2004       "The International Festival of Radical Communication" in Ljubljana, Slovenia.


I was participating  in the category "Beyond..." which hoped to bring new ideas, that were "outside the box". The ideas are supposed to catalyze social changes while engaging people as something more than mere consumers. I have created the biggest idea that was "out of the box" ever, but it was not awarded.   




2007       "Ars Septima"  Zareb, Croatia.                          


I participated in the screenplay competition organized by "Ars Septima" in Zagreb, Croatia, with my screenplay "Heaven". "Heaven" presents the bright future of humankind. The play starts in a plane with passengers which ends up in another world. There is a very developed, good, and sane society there, completely different from the one the passengers have come from. In the new world there isn't any injustice, exploitation, corruption, unemployment, crime, evil, destruction, aggression, or war. Our passengers and of course the viewers of the movie will one day learn, through the movie, how such society is going to be created. I did not get an award.




2008 - 2009        Project 10100       Google

Celebrating ten years of its existence, Google has opened a competition calling for good ideas to change the world through the parole: "May Those Who Help The Most Win".

Here is my proposal.

The winner has not been declared after a delay of more than a year. I think that my project is the reason. Google has difficulties accepting my project because it represents the end of capitalism, the very system Google is built on. Google has also difficulties rejecting my project because my system will one day completely change the world and make it a wonderful place to live. Therefore, I think, Google has dropped the competition so that "Those Who Help The Most May Not Win."

Two years after receiving the competition projects Google proclaimed the winners silently, without celebration because "Those Who Help The Most Did Not Win." According to Google this hanging bike will help humankind more than my project.


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