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Mr. Aleksandar Šarović invested a great effort in this study to examine, by himself, the overall complex Philosophical-ethical, and primarily political-economic and social problems of the society, and to propose his own system of a socio-political order and development of the mankind that would finally – at the level of modern development of the production forces of the post-industrial revolution and the corresponding degree of the development of human consciousness and relationships, help materialize a century-long dream of the mankind, in an optimal satisfaction of human needs, elimination of all forms of exploitation and alienation of men – ensuring a general prosperity of a "healthy society" and happiness of all its members and associations.

Prof. Dr. of Philosophy Andrija B. K. Stojković 

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Dear Aleksandar, 

Thank you for the wonderfully humane, decent, sweet tempered, moral, positive, constructive, and intelligent post on SPM (soc.politics.marxism). It proves that we are capable of new work and fresh views and of refusing to re-live the past. I think of it of socialist in the best sense and to be a real contribution to the creative dialogue that the Left needs so badly. 

I truly hope your book will be published.

Best  regards  

Hunter Watson



The basis of the author's determination is his understanding of humanism as a deep democratic ideology and a philosophical-sociological-economic teaching. 

Prof. Dr. of Sociology, Predrag Radenović, and Prof. Dr. of Economics, Milovan Stanišić 

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Thanks for sharing your great book online. The world is a better place as a result of your actions. 

Cheers,  Jon Will



Excellent wonderful ideas, well thought out and insightful.

I wonder why the rest of the automats called humans don't wake up and smell the coffee like you clearly outlined it in your book.

Congratulations! Bright blessings your way!

Sincerely, Apollo Comito



Thank you for sharing these thoughts.  You've clearly developed an important approach to creating a far better world.

David Krieger, President
Nuclear Age Peace Foundation



Dear Aleksandar,

Thank you so much for directing me to your website: it's fascinating & if you don't mind, I plan on using it in my classes.

Thanks & best,

-Andrew Jenkins
Alumni Fellow, Department of English, University of Florida.



Dear Aleksandar Šarović,

Thank you for your email and texts. They are serious, the attitude and approach are very close to me.

Sincerely yours,

Predrag Matvejevic
Writer and professor at Sapienza in Rome



Dear Aleksandar,  

I was very pleased to receive your message and your vision for an alternative form of democracy. I think we are both in total agreement regarding the need for major reform in both the basis and implementation of a new people-inclusive way of achieving a radically new version of 21st century democracy. 

Your reasoned form of democratic anarchy I think is a major step in this direction and I congratulate you beginning the process of putting these ideas into a thesis form. I think there is great potential to continue to build on this manifesto but I also understand the negativity confronting anyone who introduces new ideas that threaten the status quo - so it will take great courage.  

I look forward to keeping in touch and know that whatever the obstacles in the path to true democratic reform your ideas will eventually be heard, understood and accepted. 

Best wishes,

David Hunter Tow,

Director of the Future Planet Research Centre



Dear Aleksandar Šarović,

Sometime in the 70's I had the opportunity to read The Green Book, by Muammar Gaddafi. Not since; until reading your Humanism, and so much more, have I read such a brilliant mind. I've often said that had men like JFK, Dr. MLK, and even John Lennon been allowed to live, Earth would be a better place to live.

Your writings form the basis of an enriched society that would be welcomed by the other civilizations our newly developed skills will be able to reach. As I go into a new year just this evening, I ask God, who lives in my heart and mind, to give me some role in getting your thoughts to the public's ear.


Joel Tolmich


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