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Lectures about my book "The Humanism"


1992 November                 The Hegel Society

Belgrade, Former Yugoslavia

I delivered the lecture straight from the head so that I do not have a written sample.


1993 April 14                       The Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory

Belgrade, Former Yugoslavia

I do not have the original speech any more but it was similar to Humanism in Brief


2003 November 1               Society for Utopian Studies

Twenty-eighth Annual Conference

San Diego, California, USA

Here is my speech: Humanism Clearly


2004 March 25                    University of Florida - The Marxist Reading Group

6th Annual Conference: Catastrophe Now: The Wreckage of Utopia.

Gainesville, Florida, USA

Here is my paper: Humanism for Dummies.


2004 July 8                          Utopian Studies Society / Europe

The 5th Annual Conference

Porto, Portugal

My paper Humanism Clearly was accepted but unfortunately I was not able to attend the conference.


2004 July 20                        New Directions in Humanities

Second International Conference

Prato, Italy

My paper is virtually presented here  International Journal of the Humanities.


2004 October 7                   Society for Utopian Studies

Twenty-ninth Annual Conference

Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Humanities are dying. My effort to revive them does not produce serious responses from scientists. I have tried to approach the members of the Society for Utopian studies for two years without success. The scientists are supposed to perform a completely new way of thinking in order to understand what I am talking about and it seems not easy for them. They also do not like the fact that their knowledge would not be worth much in the future.

To those who know nothing about my work I cannot bring the idea closer in 20 minutes of limited paper. Also,
attending conferences is expensive and therefore I could not see any sense in doing it any more. The following paper I was supposed to read at this conference: 
Humanism is joy of living.


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