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"Good Communism" (Heaven) This scenario presents humane communism through a funny story. The scenario was completed in September 2006.

This film begins in a plane that has had an accident and lands in another world. There is a highly developed society in this world, quite different from the one the passengers in the plane have arrived from. In this world injustice, exploitation, corruption, unemployment, crime, evil, violence, destruction, aggression and war do not exist. The passengers learn throughout the film how such a society is created and how to fit into the new world. They succeed in fitting in because the new world is superior and more natural than the one from which they came.

The new society has established a communist system. Everyone works as much as they want and takes as many goods and services as they need. I know, you dear readers, immediately think that this is not possible. You think this because you have been imposed with wrong values from wrong authorities since the day you were born. From the standpoint of these values this screenplay presents an impossible system. I believe you will change your minds after living in socialism for some time

First I must say that no coercion could exist in communism. The people themselves will one day establish communism by voluntarily giving all their earnings for taxes. Then, all goods and services will be funded by the common consumption, and will be freely available to all people. If only one individual in society wants to keep his income then all people will continue to receive incomes, but they will be very small (such as $0.01) because one individual has little impact to the whole society. Of course, for the establishment of communism the people need to realize where true values lie. In the first place, everyone should love their work that much so that they would work without compensation. I do not know when such a society will be established, but I'm sure it will come. Then the brightest possible future for humankind will begin.

I hope this has intrigued you enough to read the screenplay. 

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Good Communism Part I    

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Good Communism Part IIII


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