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"Good Socialism". The scenario presents the highest level of humane socialism through a story. The scenario is in production but you can read the beginning of it which presents what it is about.

The Humanist Party recognizes that capitalism cannot develop anymore because independent producers cannot sustain a stable economy. And so they begin to propagate socialism as a freer, more profitable, stable and rational system than capitalism.

Socialism in the first place obligates that the means of production are in the hands of workers. Every public work place will become available to any worker at any time. Taking into account that each particular job can be allocated to only one worker at a time, an ongoing competition will need to open where the best job offer from a person gives that person the right to work. The same way any commodity on the market gets the best purchaser, the every work place will get the best worker.

It may seem to you dear reader, that such a division of labor is not possible to achieve, but in fact it is only a technical problem of the market economy. It is necessary to accept a new system that will effectively evaluate work offers and define the responsibilities of workers. This will solve the main problems of today's society.

No economy can be more productive than the one in which each job gets the best available worker. Public companies will become more productive and profitable than private companies. The owners of private companies will leave their companies to society because they cannot be sufficiently competitive to the public companies. In exchange, they will be compensated by acceptable values.

Associated companies will achieve a stable economy based on the plan of production that will be formed directly by the people. The open market of work will eliminate work privileges. This will eliminate corruption, the initial source of the problems of today's society. In addition, the labor market will give people the freedom to choose jobs that they like more and thus they would enjoy working far more than they do today. Work will become an immediate value for itself.

The Humanist party leaves it to the people to accept socialism in a referendum when they are ready for it.

Take the unfinished screenplay "Good Socialism" in PDF format.


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