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Scenario "Good Capitalism" - The scenario presents the highest stage of humane capitalism through a story. The script was completed in December 2011.

The scenario is about a party called the “Humanist party” which wants to solve the political and economic crisis in the state with its new ideas. It manages to win the election for parliament and the position of president of the state. The screenplay presents a multitude of problems that confront the Humanist Party in their efforts to realize their goals. In the end they succeed because their ideas are superior to the ideas that currently prevail in society.

The “Humanist party” offers a humane replacement for the existing system by forming new game rules which will help people. In the first place, democracy needs to be significantly improved. All key decisions in society should be made directly by the people. If people decide to shorten daily work hours proportionally to the rate of unemployment, it would eliminate unemployment and put all people in a more equal position. Employers would have to try harder to retain workers. This will be accomplished by raising wages. Workers would then achieve greater purchasing power which would help the economy as well.

Another important measure in this screenplay is to allow workers to decide how much of their income they want to pay for taxes and how that money should be spent. Today, centers of power decide about taxes and that is why taxes insufficiently follow the needs of society. Those who pay taxes have to make decisions regarding tax and how tax money is spent. Then taxes will follow the needs of the whole society in the best way.

Another important proposed measure is the system of evaluation among people. Each person will get the right to evaluate three people positively and three people negatively each month. This is probably the most important measure of all time because it gives equal power to everyone. By the help of this measure, all people will try to make fewer inconveniences and greater conveniences to other people. This measure will build a good society and bring new values to society.

I hope that this introduction has interested you enough to read the script.

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