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Lets prevent crime 

Once the system I have proposed is accepted, no one would have need nor desire to commit crime.  

All the people will have a guaranteed income without matter of what they work or even if they work. The income will cover the basic living expenses. Therefore economic survival cannot be a reason for committing crime any more.  

But what about those people who want much more than basic economic needs? What if they want a higher status in society, glory, and money? Simply, they all will have a chance to get it legally by work. The new system enables all the people to get any job they want. Each job will go to the person who offers the best productivity for the needed public work post any time. This is a huge difference from what we have today because today, the people have almost no chance to choose their jobs. That is the reason they feel impotent and aim to alienated values that degenerate them. In the new system the people would be able to find the job they like, including the ones that give a higher status in society, glory, and money. But one does not need to expect huge fights over better work posts because in the new system, all of the work positions will be equally demanded. That will also guarantee the covering of each and every work post and the highest productivity of production. This is well explained in my book The Humanism. 

But what if someone wants power over people, glory, and money without investing an effort to get it, as criminals are used to? Firstly, I have to say that will be almost impossible to accomplish in the new system. Secondly, the new system will show the people where real values are so that they would seek much less alienated values. In such a system, crime will be in a huge downfall or even nonexistent

What about those people who are in jails right now? They will be released from prisons. Instead of prison sentences they will get the negative values of their productive powers proportionally to the crime they have committed. In the screenplay Heaven Ive forced these kinds of people to wear red hats. Well that might be a very good punishment indeed. Everyone will recognise such people wherever they are. They will be ashamed more than in prisons where they live with the same people as they are. Uncomfortable feelings will make them work hard to escape from negative productive power as fast as they can.  

They will be able to take off the red hats only by productive work and behaviour. Reducing the negative productive value they posses would be possible by performing a large productivity at their work places. This will certainly bring society much more conveniences than staying in prisons. Also the former prisoners would have to behave excellently in society. The people will set a good eye on them. In case the former prisoners make mistakes the people would give them the negative evaluations which would prolong wearing a red hat. On the other hand good evaluations from the people will help them to escape from the negative productive power they have. 

There would not be an easy way out for the former prisoners and that would also prevent them from committing crimes. The prevention would probably be stronger than the fear of jails because today's criminals do not feel that they have many opportunities in their lives. The new system will make them become good citizens. Everyone in the new society will be a good citizen. Everyone will try hard to create the greatest possible advantages for all individuals in society, and to diminish or abolish creation of all forms of disadvantages. People will not be afraid of other people any more. Fear will not exist any more. Do you understand what it means? This will make a good, sane, and harmonic society. Security and abundance will be everywhere. Crime will not have any reason to exist any more. Well, those rare people who might continue doing bad things to society will be healed in institutions for mental health. 


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