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Letís prevent illnesses  

Modern medicine is pretty good in preventing and healing illnesses and as time passes will be better. However, it is pretty weak in healing illnesses based on manís alienation from his body and soul. These kinds of illnesses are originated by the system the people live in. Authorities impose their rules on the people that alienate them from their nature which bring dissatisfaction, pessimism, and stress. Collected dissatisfaction, pessimism, and stress weakens peopleís souls and bodies, blocks natural abilities for self protection, and opens the door for all kinds of hard illnesses. Modern medicine recognises that problem but cannot prevent and often neither heal such diseases because they depend on the social system the people live in. Medicine does not have much influence there.  

Surprisingly, Iíve witnessed on TV that Pastor Benny Hinn heals these kinds of diseases by using the power of God. Most of the healed people shook hysterically on stage and moaned of happiness as the result of their healing. They could not be actors and that means Benny Hinn helped them. But then why does Benny Hinn not go to hospitals, why does he not heal the patients, and not close the hospitals? Well, simply he cannot do it.

How does Benny Hinn heal such diseases? In order to help the people he needs people to believe in his ability to make miracles and that is the reason he has built his charisma. Then, coming to the stages where God "watches the performance" from heaven, including not irrelevant influence of the people who directly watch the performance and millions through TV, impose a huge stress on the sick people. The stress initiates huge energy in such a person and strong believing in miracles directs it against the illness. That power breaks energy blockades in an ill person; cleans the collected bearings in his body and soul, and the ill person becomes healed.  

So, is God involved here? Of course He is. He has created us together with all our abilities to protect ourselves from illnesses. But the problem is we have alienated ourselves from our nature and do not know how to save ourselves any more. Actually, we commit violence to our illness protection mechanism by unnatural living. We were taught to believe authorities not ourselves, and that is the reason we do not even try to follow our natural way of living, and that is the reason we are impotent. 

Benny Hinn presents healed people as miracles to the world and that is what made him very rich. Becoming rich is something completely opposite to Jesus Christís teaching, which Benny Hinn claims to be completely devoted to. Benny Hinnís look and behaviour on the stage tells us he is a charlatan more than anything else. He certainly cheats people, but also he is one of the rare persons who developed skills to heal illnesses that the modern medicine cannot cure. However, how successful Benny Hinn really is in healing people should be questioned. Iíve got the impression that all of the Benny Hinnís healings happen just before the performance takes place. But we do not know how many people are not presented because they are not healed. Also I doubt Benny Hinnís healing of people is permanent. After the performance ends the healed people return to the same way of living that made them ill.  

The system I have proposed may heal a large number of diseases just by giving people a healthy natural life. A good, satisfied, optimistic, joyful, and relaxing life would enable it. The American doctor Lorraine Day thinks the same. But the success in it would depend on how much an individual patient would be able to return to his or her own nature. A much better solution is to prevent illnesses rather than healing people from them. People could prevent a large number of illnesses in the same way; by a good, satisfied, optimistic, joyful, and relaxing life. We just need to live in accordance with our nature and the problems with illnesses will be significantly smaller. How? Accepting a system that gives freedom to people to follow their natural instincts and senses will do it. My book ďThe HumanismĒ presents this system.


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