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About my failure to be recognized as a scientist 


For the last 22 years, I have worked hard to create a system that would change the world and make it a wonderful place, but science does not recognize me. Why not? Well maybe the best answer I got is the one from one of the best thinkers in the world today. After we have exchanged a few e-mails about my work he acknowledged: “You could well be right, but I simply don't see it.” I did not want to bother him more by asking why because I knew the answer. I have turned the social principles that he was used to in his life upside down. He is not young any more and a completely new way of thinking is not easy for him. And finally, he does not have time for me; he is totally occupied with his work that I respect strongly.  

I have contacted hundreds of experts in social sciences and informed them that I have invented a system that would provide a  wonderful future to humankind. They did not responded to me. I believe most of them did not even read me. They are all very busy with their work and besides that, they do not expect anybody can produce such a big result and especially not an anonymous such I am. Those who found the time to read something of mine, see my ideas have good intentions for sure. However, they are afraid of supporting my work because they don't have a clear vision of what the new system will bring. Without investing a significant effort, such a vision could not be received. The larger invested effort requires a larger trust in my work, but they don’t have it. 

There is also another problem. My work says that what ever social scientists have studied in their lives would not be worth much in the future. They certainly do not like it. Besides that, they mainly cannot think independently from the influences of authorities because they based their complete knowledge on them. They do not question the correctness of the authorities' statements in the first place, because they respect them and secondly, because without them they might be completely lost. When my ideas start changing the existing social knowledge, the scientists will become afraid for their social statuses. In today’s society, a worse fear than that hardly exists. Therefore, once my ideas become known to the world, I expect strong criticism rather than support from scientists. I am impatient to receive the first attacks because they will say I am successful. The scientists cannot win over my ideas. Besides, the new system offers a much better life to them also, so that once the dialog starts, the changes will come soon.

If some scientists still like my ideas, then another problem occurs: Scientists are not independent people the same way as other people in our so-called "free" society. They have positions; decent incomes and they do not want to risk their good lives for the system that smells like communism. There is not an open threat from anywhere but they know very well the environment is not healthy. Authorities have implemented corruption and fear in the existing system everywhere. Those are the reasons I receive much bigger support from an average reader than from scientists. The social scientists are responsible for the world we live in today because they are the individuals who are supposed to give solutions to the problems we have. But most of them do not have abilities neither real intention to do that.

I have approached also all kinds of information media including the movie industry. The mainstream media is proclaimed to be independent and objective. But it is privately owned and cannot be free from their owners. The owners have very different interests than me. No wonder they do not want to publish my work. Is the state or non-profit organization media free? In fact they are not. Please read the previous paragraphs again and find out why. I am especially disappointed with low edition journals that publicly search for ideas outside the box. The result is the same everywhere. In media one can see numerous reports of violence, destruction, wars, terrorism, and crime but one cannot see a report that presents the system that can solve all of these problems. (Recently I've accomplish to make some success. You may see it here)

Also, one can also watch movies with thousands of people killed but cannot see my movie Heaven that shows a society where people love each other and live in a perfect harmony. The problem is the movie smells like communism as well, and that is not what you are allowed to see in your “free” society. We live in deep perversion and media teaches us to be more perverted everywhere. One may say the people who do not have freedom, not satisfied people; destructive people like to watch brutal movies. But why do the people not have a chance to see my movie, which presents a wonderful future reality based on pure science? Such a movie could open the eyes of people and contribute to changing the world. That is certainly not the interest of powerful people. Once the system I have proposed starts to work, no one would like to watch brutal movies any more. Scientists will only be watching them in order to analyze them and find out in what a sick society we live in today. Yes, I have also sent a large number of letters to movie directors, producers, screenwriters, and stars and none of them showed an interest. So how come nobody is interested in such an nice original scenario? The answer is very simple; we do not live in freedom, we live in a very controlled world.

Recently I’ve been participating in utopian competitions and my work has not been recognized there. All utopias so far have been wrong. Even if that would be the case with my utopia, which is not, it still should have been awarded because it presents a completely original system that offers a wonderful future to humankind. The history of humankind has recognised let's say five socio-economical systems so far and I have invented a new one, completely different from all of them. My utopia is based on all of the positive principles that history has established for utopias. It gives the answer to all social problems of society not one ideology before in the history of mankind was able to give. It will make paradise on earth. So how come my work was not recognised? Among the selectors of the competitions were some scientists, but they did not give any reason why they did not choose my work. It’s easier for them to ignore me and be silent, but it is not ethical and they know it.

Rejection of my work is really a shame whatever reason stays behind it. Practically, besides two reviews from the professors of the Belgrade University, I have not reached any scientific success with my work. But anyway, I am positive to be right and therefore giving up is not an option. Right now I have an average of one hundred visitors daily here. That means I am progressing slowly, but I am progressing.


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