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I am a genius or maybe even Messiah


I have created a new socio-economic system that will make paradise on earth. I have been promoting my system for 12 years, however, science was not able to recognize it.  The next possible step in promoting the system is to present myself as a genius or maybe even Messiah. Who ever read anything of my writing can say that I may be the candidate for the titles. The problem is nobody except me sees whether I am more than the candidate because nobody except me can see the outcome of the system I have proposed. But if my system saves the world one day then one may agree that I am not understood as a genius or maybe even Messiah, if not, then most likely I am stupid or crazy. Well, its not possible to prove what will happen in the future, therefore, I will give arguments that present I am not stupid nor crazy.

What I think makes me very special is my independence. I've not been able to accept any idea I did not feel to be logic and right. It was never really a conscious decision; it was something built in me. Some would call it laziness. I haven’t had any interest in school and consequently I was the worst student in all grades and classes. I tried numerous times to be a good student but was not able to. Being a bad student was not pleasant at all, but on the other hand, it brought to me some advantages that ordinary people do not have. By refusing to accept imposed knowledge at schools I did not load my brain with alienated ideas, I saved the freedom of my thoughts, my natural instincts, perception and senses which enabled me to feel the right direction. On the other hand when I loved doing something I invested huge energy in it. That is how I trained my logic and intelligence a lot. That is how I developed abilities to create “miracles” wherever I find an interest. 

The biggest recognized “miracle” happened when I won the Yugoslav Architectural Competition for arrangement of the main square in Zagreb, Croatia. At that time, I was just a bad student in the 3rd year of faculty. The competition was highly attractive and this was the reason why the best architects of Yugoslavia including my professors took part in it. My victory was, therefore, a great sensation. Being a bad student of architecture and in the same time winning the Yugoslav architectural competition sounds like I have genius potential. Haven’t I? If I stayed in architecture that would probably be easier to see today. But there is no pity here at all. There is not much space for improvement for architecture, but philosophy, which I am talking about, is a huge empty space, practically the “vacuum” today. Beside that, philosophy interests me much more than architecture and therefore, I have created a great job there, incomparably better than I was able to do in architecture. The only problem is people cannot see that. I'll try to illustrate it by one example; if an ordinary person today sees a mountain of gold he would run to take it as much as he can. Well I have to tell that my book is far more valuable than a golden mountain because it can bring a much better life than a golden mountain can, but nobody sees that. It is only about the perception where real values are.  

All my life my nature has directed me against streams that are accepted in society. It made me different from other people and that was not easy to be. I had to resist trouble everywhere. That developed my knowledge and strength to run against streams and finally the results were showing I was right. That made me pretty confident now to present myself as a genius. One may say a genius is not far away from craziness, but winning the architectural competition requires a very developed perception and objective ratio that excludes craziness. Three professors from the Belgrade University wrote reviews of my book and confirmed just by writing them that I am neither stupid nor crazy. All of that should make people at least curious when I say the system I have proposed will change the world and make it a wonderful place to be.

Now comes a hard question: Am I Messiah with a big “M”, the one from religion? A year ago, in order to attract more attention to my work, I applied for the Jesus Christ work position in the article here: Am I Jesus Christ? In my opinion I’ve excellently fulfilled the requirements that Jesus Christ is supposed to do on planet Earth. For example, I have explained how a social good can easily and permanently defeat social evil, something the whole history of humankind was unsuccessfully trying to learn. My book "The Humanism" will save the world and according to the Bible, that is achieved by Jesus Christ. But, I've failed with the knowledge about another world. I would be very happy if God told me: ”Son, lets have a beer; I have something very important to tell you”, because that would make me Messiah and give me direct power to change the world. Unfortunately, I have never seen nor heard God or I am not aware of it. That is probably the reason I have not convinced anybody to discuss the possibility of me being Jesus. And then again it made my chances to be Him even less possible because according to the prophecy Jesus, when returns to Earth, is supposed to be recognized quickly everywhere. On the other hand what would happen if Jesus Christ comes after my book “The Humanism” changes the world and makes it Paradise on Earth? Can He say then: “Sorry I’m late, traffic was terrible but I would do the same as Šarović did?” Well, in that case He would be already late because the bright future of humankind, He is supposed to define, is already presented here in my book. And why would He ever come when I have finished the job for Him?

But there are more problems here. Muslims wait for the same Jesus Christ but He is a prophet not God. Jews wait for Messiah who is not Jesus Christ but has the same mission as Jesus Christ. Hindus wait for the reincarnation of Krishna, Buddhists wait for the reincarnation of Buddha who have different methods than Jesus Christ for the achievements of similar goals. Who is right here and who is wrong? I claim that my philosophy will fulfill the secular goals of mentioned saviours. That means, that I may be each one of these saviours but also I might be neither one of them. In any case, I am Aleksandar, a man who will certainly change the world and make it a wonderful place to be.


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