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Let's remove immorality


Man is immoral when he does not have freedom to be moral, when the system he lives in does not allow him to use his power productively. Powerlessness in society is immoral itself and certainly spreads immorality. In today’s closed, not free, alienated society almost all the people take some power from other people. That is the reason almost all people are powerless in society so that it is not surprise in what immorality we live in. Immorality is a malign cancer for every society.

The system I have proposed gives unlimited possibilities to man to express his productive power in society, and to find satisfaction from it. On the other hand, the system does not give freedom to inconvenient or destructive behaviour in society. In the new system, everyone will have the power to evaluate any other person in society. This evaluation will represent such a value so that everyone will avoid doing anything inconvenient to another person or to society, and will try hard to produce the greatest possible benefits to another man and to society. What goes around comes around and therefore the society will become good. The people will, through self-practice, get to know where natural values are. That will definitely stop all kinds of immorality.  


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