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Letís remove alienation


Subjectivity creates alienation. A man hardly accepts his powerlessness in nature and therefore he easily gives determinations that suit him best to unknown or superior phenomena in nature. Such determinations often give man an illusion of power and release him from unpleasant tensions, but such determinations are alienated from their objective essences and thus alienate the man from his nature. Nobody is immune on this process so that every man builds some sort of alienation. In purpose to achieve more power, alienated people tend to impose their alienated visions, values, needs to other people. This is an origin for the unlimited alienation we live in today.

It starts from upbringing. Parents normally teach children what they think is good and bad. Parents who live more naturally are mostly satisfied with their lives. They take care of their children and allow free development of children which is a precondition for prosperity of children. Such parents are really rare today. Today, parents are mostly alienated from their own nature and therefore they are certainly less satisfied with their lives. They often do not have time for their children so that they leave it to society to take care of them. The shortage of love makes huge damage to development of children. If alienated parents find the time for children that is mostly in order to force their children to accomplish everything they were not able to. They force children to accept even more alienated values and needs than they have accepted. Such parents produce unnatural demands for their children which oppresses them strongly. That makes huge damages to their mental development. Misfortune of today's society starts here.

Then education comes as an institutionalised demand for imposing settled alienated knowledge. This is an abuse of a studentís mind. More successful students in schools are mainly those ones who have more developed intelligence and who often  feel less of their nature so that they may accept alienated knowledge more easily. After finishing schools, these students have a better chance to take leading roles in society. They are intellectually capable to make improvements in alienated fields but that, as a general rule, it has little to do with the social improvement. On the contrary, taking into account that these kinds of people have more difficulties to feel and comprehend natural issues, they prevent natural development of society and spread accepted alienation. 

The main oppression comes in adulthood where you, dear reader, carry and develop all the alienation coming from your ancestors. The alienation makes you powerless. In todayís closed alienated society you almost do not have a chance to live a natural life. All in all youíre just another brick in the wall (Pink Floyd). Walls are everywhere around you and what is worse, they are in your heads too. Authorities have taught you all your lives to fight just for the better positions in the walls. But there is not a better position in the wall; you just think there is, because firstly, you do not have the possibility to try it. You are not free and do not allow anybody you control anyhow to be free either. You are illusory good people to authorities because they abundantly use you but you can hardly be good for yourself nor to society. Here are the origins for all of social problems today. That is what prevents you and other people from using natural potentials and abilities. That is what prevents you and other people of having a good, sane, satisfied and joyful life. 

The system I have proposed will tear down the walls. It will rid you people of authoritative pressure and give you freedom to follow your own interests, while at the same time the system will be forcing you to respect other people. Such an experience will demystify the values imposed by authorities, and will teach you to live in accordance with your proper objective nature, which will in turn, free you from all types of alienation characteristics of present-day society. Furthermore, the system will teach you to set your needs to be objective and in accordance with the possibilities of satisfying them. This is the chief prerequisite for overcoming destructiveness in society, because when you permanently satisfy your needs you are not going to be destructive any more. The proposed system will give you the power to be good people. It promises a natural, harmonious and highly prosperous development of society.


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