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Letís finish all evil                       


So you are a student and a bully harasses you at school? Or your boss abuses you at work? One cannot find a person who would not agree that these are very occasional incidents today. In order to protect yourself from harassments you need to report it to authorities. The culture we have inherited gives authorities more power than other people have. The system we live in gives authorities rights to know what is good or bad for you, better than you would. That is wrong. Also, the authorities more often like their power much more than you, so that they might be easily corrupted. Besides that, even the courts can hardly protect you from a sophisticated abuse. Yes, you may move to another school or company if they are available, but another bully or boss may abuse you there, too. If somebody calls you names, or your neighbour produces noise at night, or you name it, you do not have an adequate protection from such harassment in everyday life anywhere.  

Well the system of evaluation I have invented, will protect you from all of the above-mentioned evil and from much more. This is actually an anarchy because the people will not follow any written rules while evaluating other people. This will give people a much more simple and effective protection than written rules or authorities. Everyone will stop doing what other people do not like and try their best to do what people do like. This is what will make a good society. 

But you may be concerned, for example, what if somebody does not like you singing better than him. Would he evaluate you negatively just because he is jealous of your skill? Firstly, I would like to say that every person would have a limited right to evaluate negatively letís say three people monthly. That would have to make you a worse person to him than his bad boss is, and a salesperson that sold him spoiled food, or the politician who lied to him, which is hard to believe. An average person would never evaluate you negatively just because you sing better than him. Nevertheless, in an alienated perverted society we live in today, some misevaluation may happen but an individual evaluation would not have power to produce big harm to anybody. On the other hand, if you are an exposed person and do things many people would not like you to do, you would get a large number of negative evaluations from the people and that would hurt you and force you to change your behaviour. Finally, the new system will make all peoples' good skills equally appreciated so that if you sing better than somebody else it would not bother him much because he would have a chance to be better than you in something else and to find his satisfaction there. Last but not the least, the system of evaluation will teach people to solve possible conflicts through agreements. That would make all sides in conflicts satisfied without arbitrages of authorities. Bravery and good skills in serving the people will be appreciated strongly and evaluated positively. 

Actually, I cannot see any problem with the system of evaluation besides that of the resistance of a small narcissus inside you people that does not like other people evaluating you. But the evaluation is exactly what will finally give each person equal rights and power in society. The lack of it was the main cause that prevented establishing a good society in the whole history of humankind. People hurt other people only when they feel superior and do not hurt people who might equally hurt them back. The system of evaluation will make people respect each other and that will prevent bad relationships happening in society. However, if you are still concerned about the evaluation rights of people we may try it without any awards and punishments involved. Letís just see how many good and bad evaluations each person would get and that will make a significant improvement to society. We may try it tomorrow and a much better future will start tomorrow. The system of evaluation will one day stop all evil. 


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