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Letís remove fear  

We donít need fear any more to achieve existential survival, however we have it a lot. In todayís abundant production this is an artificial fear that gives power to privileged people. Frightened people are unable to use their own brains. Every fear blocks an ability to judge, so that frightened people seek shelter within authorities. It is a vicious circle of poverty in which we live. In the system I have proposed, everyone will receive a minimum income that assures an economic existence without matter of if one works or not. The height of the income will be determined by direct democracy. 

So then why would people work if they receive an income without work? Well, the answer is simple; those who work will receive higher incomes than those who do not work. Also, the system will give people a choice to choose the work they love to do, and they will do it primarily because of having a good time. One may say: "Yes, but almost no worker loves his job permanently his whole life". That is true but the new system allows people to change their work easily and find new, interesting ones. One may add: "Yes, but the worst problem today lies in the fact that we work practically all day, and even though we have a very good job, as time passes, it would start becoming more like a difficult burden than pleasure". Well, the new system has a simple answer to this problem. It will allow demystification of todayís accepted system of values. That means, a huge reduction in consumption of goods will be achieved and that will require reduction of production. Then, the new reorganisation of work will significantly reduce needed work hours. Once the new system improves society and society improves the system back, probably two hours daily work will be enough to satisfy all of the peoples production needs. Besides that, the work will be a pleasure and will produce much better outcomes than any fear can. Then the people will have much more time to spend in developing their productive orientations and in socialising with other people.

Another major fear in todayís society is the fear of losing a privileged status. If you are a president, movie star, or have any other privileged status in society, you have achieved alienated advantages that bring happiness but also a fear of losing such a status. A privileged status brings a pretty much non-existent benefit objectively, and a fully unnecessary fear. In the new system, the people will normally have different jobs and statuses in society but they will not rate their jobs nor statuses more or less than jobs or statuses of other people. Therefore, loss of any job or status in the new society will not be a significant inconvenience to anybody, so that neither will fear of losing it be. In the new system, the people will respect other people for who they are and not for what kind of statuses they possess. That would enable everyone to have a normal good life. 

The system of mutual evaluation I have proposed will give everyone ultimate power that no one can overpass. People will respect each other greatly. No one will be afraid of any other human being anymore without matter of what weaknesses  they have. What about other fears: abstract and concrete, rational and irrational, conscious and unconscious, big and small? Authorities create or maintain most fears in order to make people obedient to them practically all their lives. Well, such fears in the new society where people love each other, where constantly help each other will hardly exist. 

Can you imagine a life without fear? That would be a beautiful life.


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