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Let’s prevent corruption 

When I start a discussion about my system with people most often I receive complains that Paradise on Earth is not possible because individuals are weak and like to corrupt or to be corrupted. Corruption makes immoral destructive relations in society which prevents society of being good. Corruption is a poison of every society.

But when is a man weak? He is weak when he cannot satisfy his needs. He cannot satisfy his needs in a closed alienated society where privileges rule such as the one we live in today. Privileges give a man power over people and that corrupts. Privileges are the nests for corruption. In the world of privileges one cannot get what he needs unless he is servile to privileged people or corrupts them. That is wrong. In the system I have proposed power over people will not exist, there will be not privileged people either, so that corruption will disappear as well. Everyone who does not satisfy one’s needs at his work place will get negative evaluations from a not satisfied person. These evaluations will be as influent as it would be necessary for the system to work fine. Therefore, everyone will try hard to please other people as much as they can without corruption. 

Furthermore, the new system offers open work competition for every work post in public companies. No one’s public work post will be privileged any more. If a person at his work place does not satisfy somebody else’s needs, he or she may be replaced with a not satisfied person who offers better productivity. No one would be able to get benefits from a privileged status in society. No one will have control over other people, neither over assets that belong to the society. Why would corruption exist when no one could achieve a privileged status and power in society? Besides that, in such a society no one will be weak any more and corruption will not have any reason to exist. 

The work competition is probably the most difficult part of the system I have proposed, but it is far from impossible to accomplish. It will bring better productivity than capitalism can, so that it will send capitalism to history. It will make work become a value in itself and people will enjoy working. The work market will make all jobs equal in demand. Life in such a system will bring disalienation; it will show where real values are. Such a system will certainly stop corruption. The benefits the new system will bring to society are practically unlimited. You may find more about it in my book “The Humanism”. The system is completely new so that it might not be easy to implement, but there is no other good way. We have to go this way if want to build a wonderful future of humankind.


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