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This web site is well visited for years now. Currently, I have an average of 150 visitors and 2 downloads of "The Humanism" daily. However, I seldom receive opinion about these pages from the readers. Why is that? 

I suppose that the ideas are incredible so that the readers probably think the best would be to leave discussions about the new system to authorities, either to leaders or experts. Here problems come immediately. Without matter of how the leaders are chosen and how good scientists are they are not able to understand the new system any better than the average people because my ideas are completely different from the knowledge they collected. Besides that, the authorities possess privileged statuses in society. The system I have proposed takes privileges away from the people and requires responsibilities that they do not like. These are the reasons the authorities mostly do not want to know my system exists.  

All people try to gain power in society and they might succeed in some fields. If they are successful they protect their privileges from the influences of other people and rule. In such a way, all other authorities rule: owners, chiefs, professors, parents. In that way almost all the living space becomes limited or even inaccessible to the people. In such a way, a man takes away the freedom of thoughts, decisions, and acting from other people. But of course, the authorities convince people they are free, probably with the purpose to prevent them to search for it. The truth is; we live in a closed society where privileged alienated powers of authorities rule over the people. This is what makes us poor. This is what degenerates us as human beings. This is what must be changed. 

Everyone who has built any kind of privileges themselves may hesitate to accept the system I have proposed. Is this the reason you do not want to support this system? You may ask yourself now whether the new system is going to take the power over your dog away from you? This is a wrong question. The correct question would be: Why do you need power over anyone? The answer is very simple, that is because the society you live in does not give you enough of a chance to manifest your productive power. You can only see alienated powers around yourself and that is the reason you seek the power in the alienated fields. Yes, privileges give feelings of power and happiness. However, such power and happiness are just temporary illusions. Their influence is similar to the influence of illegal drugs. When the effect ends, pain occurs. That is the reason we do not need power over anyone, we need power to realize our productive orientation. We need freedom of choice and work, freedom of manifestation of our productive power of being. This freedom will really, for the first time begin with the system I have proposed. The system will bring unlimited productive possibilities to society that will undergo unthinkable advantages. Believe or not that is true. 

To achieve this goal we only need to prevent authorities from taking power that belongs to other people. The system I have proposed guarantees equal rights among the people. That is what authorities today preach publicly and what they secretly and successfully fight about. In searching for the better future, we should not rely on authorities. A “Great“ leader is not needed any more, not to mention he would even be harmful. The system I have proposed gives power to the people and it will not allow anybody to take it from the people. All of the people will be able to compete for who will produce more advantages to others. I know it sounds like a phrase but please try to get accustomed to the system I have proposed and you will see that is right. Creating advantages to other people will become the highest value in society. That is how good will defeat evil forever. That will bring benefits to society one cannot imagine today.

One does not need a university degree in order to understand the new system. It is very simple because the laws of human and social nature are very simple. These laws became complicated when we do not understand them because then we create a knowledge that does not apply to their essence. Such knowledge alienates us from our nature and complicates our lives. Please do not hesitate to ask questions, to give your remarks and comments. Tell me which ideas of mine you do not like; maybe we can find the common language. I really do not understand why the system I have proposed was not accepted immediately when I finished the book twelve years ago.  Let's open a dialog. Write to me. Any comment will help me explain the system better. 

I am running a very hard battle to get readers. Please recommend this web site to your friends. Unfortunately, along with all the media today, it seems that is my only way to spread the ideas. The sooner the new system become known, the sooner the wish to be implemented will appear, the sooner a better future will start.


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