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Let’s finish with capitalism

The new system I have proposed would offer much more market than capitalism can afford.
In the first place, a permanently open labour market will be established. Each public work post will have to be given to the worker who envisages and offers the highest productivity in any time. Productivity could be measured by earned money, by quality and quantity of produced goods, or by productivity evaluation of workers by customers. A worker who offers more profits, produced goods, and better or cheaper production will get the job.

That is an idea. How to make such changes to bring the most possible advantages and the least possible disadvantages to society is just a technical question. I have defined a pretty good solution in my book “The Humanism” but that is what would probably be much more developed by the practice. Today a labour market almost does not exist. Once a developed labour market starts to work, it will bring higher productivity, disalienation, balance among people's needs, harmony to the people, benefits to society beyond the wildest dreams today.

No economy can be more productive than the one where the best available worker gets each job. Such an economy will easily become significantly more productive than the capitalist one, so that the latter will be forced to recede. In a good society, a human being is a central value and not capital. When capitalism is done humanism will step in and an unthinkably better future of humankind will start.



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