Humanism in Essence

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Humanism in Essence


Here is presented in short what a good society is supposed to look like. My book Humanism presents it in length.

Companies need to voluntarily merge regionally. All people will receive equall humanistic shares of the public properties and those who own private properties will receive extra shares for them. Then comes the hard step, but the only one which could give the final answer to all the economic problems. We need to develop the market of work. Each job should go to the worker who offers the highest work productivity, the lowest work price, and the highest work responsibility, at any time. Work stimulation will come from the freedom of choosing the jobs people like more and from earning incomes and humanistic shares. When workers increase their productivities or produce benefits to society, they will be awarded with higher incomes and an increased number of humanistic shares. If they do not meet their productivity offers or produce damages to society, they will pay the responsibility by lower incomes and losing the shares they possess. No economy could be better than the one where the best worker gets each job. Only such an economy could eliminate privileges and injustice. Only such an economy could solve social problems and create a good society.

All the people will directly create the macroeconomic policy of the region, among other things, by deciding how much money, from their incomes, they want to allocate for taxes. Also, people will directly decide how the tax money is going to be spent by allocating more money to the groups of consumption they need more. That would be a democratically planned economy, the most rational and stable economy possible. The new system will bring people closer to their nature and then, in some distant future, all individuals in the region might decide to allocate all their incomes for taxes. Then all goods and services will be paid for from the common consumption budget and delivered to the people free of charge. That would form communism, the best society possible.

I wrote more about the new system in the following articles presenting the future of economics, democracy, and values.

May 25, 2004


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