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Letís be free


Freedom is a state of non-dependence. A person who has needs, depends on these needs and therefore cannot be absolutely free. In a more narrow case, freedom is a state that allows us to satisfy our needs.  

Man has subjective and objective needs. Objective needs are natural needs. People may satisfy them pretty much successfully and thus find their freedom. Troubles of today's society come from subjective or alienated needs because people could not satisfy them. Generally speaking, subjective needs can give people a feeling of overcoming their weaknesses before the nature and releasing people from the inconveniences coming from such weaknesses. But of course that is a false release. How it manifests? Whenever people accomplish any goal in their life the narcissus in them easily assigns to that success, and of course to their egos, a more significant value then it objectively deserves. Such a phenomenon might look unimportant, but in essence, it is the nest of all social evil. All the social evil around the world comes from over self-evaluation because it unavoidably brings underestimation of other people. Wrong evaluation of people alienates people from the nature of people and prepares an environment for all social troubles.  

When a personís needs are alienated they tend not to be satisfied because no action can reach the nature of origin of such needs. No action can give a person more power than he gets by his nature. Such a person is afraid of possibility of losing imagined alienated power and it forces him to act endlessly in order to protect his false vision. Taking into account he cannot get satisfaction in this way, such acting takes freedom from him while the endlessness useless acting kills the soul of such a person. A person without a soul is just a machine that walks and produces trouble. On top of everything such person tends to impose alienated values to other people and to oppress other people, which takes freedom from other people and brings huge problems to the whole society. Presidents, soccer players, scientists, mothers do such things ; practically no one is immune to self over-evaluating, no one is immune to narcissism. That is a problem we need to solve. 

Without matter of what a goal a man accomplishes, he must not forget, for his own sake and for the sake of the whole society; he is equal to any other person. This is exactly what the system of mutual evaluation among the people I have proposed will remind each person all the time. This is the first step to freedom. Also the system I have proposed, will rid the people of authoritative pressure and give them freedom to follow their own interests. Such experience will demystify the values imposed by authorities, and will teach people to live in accordance with their proper nature, which will in turn, free them from all types of alienation characteristics of present-day society.  

The new system I have proposed gives objective freedom to the people. They will have choices everywhere. The people will have a right to choose whether they want to work and what they want to work. Their existence will not depend on work anymore, but they will choose to work because they will like to work in the new system. 

Such life will be free. It will be significantly better than the life we live in today; a life much better than anyone can imagine.

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