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Anyone can become a genius 

A person who gets a good idea and develops it enough so that it becomes recognised as a great contribution to society is a genius. Great geniuses are those who jump into an unknown space of science or arts and there develop an idea that brings huge benefits to humankind. However, everyone is able to develop an idea that may improve society, so that everyone may become a genius. This article explains how that may be done. 

People think that a high IQ is most important to define a genius so that a genius is a person with an IQ of 140 or higher. A high intelligence may be a good asset of a genius but it is not necessary. The most important quality for the development of genius is the freedom for a man to do what he loves. In that case he thinks a lot about his activity and suddenly, when he does not expect it, practically from nowhere, good ideas about what he does come to his mind. That is how a genius' mind works.  

Unfortunately, today we live in society where the freedom of choosing work is not developed. When a man chooses what he would like to do, he first has to go to school for years to fulfil bureaucratic requirements for doing the job. That is not necessary. Furthermore, today's system of education requests potential geniuses to be able to accumulate large amounts of knowledge. That is wrong. A person who does not critically accept information enough alienates his knowledge and feelings from objective reality which fully confronts the development of geniuses. Today's system of education most likely creates robots rather than geniuses.  Furthermore, when a man finishes school his chances to get the job he likes are not big because most of the positions are filled. He also needs money for living. The work he has to do just in order to survive in todayís society will not make him a genius. 

A genius does not believe authorities not because they lie to him, well often they do, but because he needs to find the truth in himself. He definitely refuses any knowledge he does not feel is acceptable to him. He perfectly feels what he likes to do and normally, he does it a lot. That returns him a deep understanding of what he does. Further on, he searches for the truth unconditionally because that is a highest value for him. He finds the truth by being objective as much as he can. A genius practices his objectivity in everyday life all the time and that teaches him not only to develop the knowledge but also to be wise. Being wise is really the highest reward that man can accomplish. Only wisdom gives a good life to man and harmony to society. One should not waste life by not being wise; one should practice objectivity. 

If a man does not get a chance to do what he likes to do than there is no way he would become a genius, he would become the opposite of genius. He would not work at his job much more than he has to, he would not think about his work, and he would not get good ideas about what he does. He would be impotent and dissatisfied. That would direct him to follow authorities, who are often impotent and dissatisfied as well. Instead of developing the productive power, such a person searches for a subjective escape from his impotence and finds it where our society has established it; in power over the people. Such a power is manifested in a higher status in society, in glory or possessing money. Any success in these fields gives an illusion of overcoming manís weakness in nature. This is mentally a very easy solution for escaping from the dissatisfaction and brings happiness quickly.  However, the whole orientation of such a man is alienated from the causes that made him dissatisfied, so that the happiness is alienated as well. The return to reality is unavoidable and it is very painful. The pain blocks manís natural senses so that he is not able to feel what is right; his mind is not free, his mind is a slave of greedy passion so that, contrary to genius, such a man cannot produce good ideas. Such a man produces bad decisions for himself and for society and brings a lots of trouble to himself and to society. Actually the person with such orientation is crazy. This definition of craziness is not accepted in todayís society but that's exactly what it is. Society with such oriented people always has huge conflicts of interests among the people and a very destructive social orientation. That is exactly the world we live in. 

As a conclusion, I have to say that it was never easy to become a genius. Until our society changes, there is no help for the people there. The system I have proposed for the first time offers people freedom to express themselves and to work wherever they have interests. It will enable people to love what they are doing and therefore possibilities for the development of geniuses will be open. The new system will also require a responsible behaviour in society, which will stimulate developing natural objective orientation of the people and as a result, the society will be incomparably better. Such a society will allow everyone to develop senses, perception, intelligence, logic, knowledge, and to become a genius. Workers will become genial cooks, mechanics, philosophers, scientists, and the whole society will have huge benefits from it.


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