That's it (Humanism)


Evil rules, smells suffocate
Lies, endless darkness
are afraid, all suffer

I don't I don't want it


Bitter life, need sweet
Clear, healthy
, warm, soft

Where is it, where is it

What is it, what is it 


I want what I want, I donít what I donít

Thatís it, exactly it
I want freedom, peace, justice

I want good


Little big, touches the hearts

Enlightens the soul, brings joy

Creates humanity, love, beauty

Thatís it, exactly it


Dawn will enlighten

Long live, healthy, and cheerfully

Thatís it, thatís it

Thatís it , thatís it




Aleksandar äarović




My first and only song. If someone thinks this could be sung, may feel free to do it!





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