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2.2.1   Capitalism


Capitalist Economy

Capitalism is a socio-economic system in which the means of production are privately owned. The father of the modern capitalist economy is Adam Smith. They presented the market economy of capitalism as the "invisible hand" which leads private producers to promote the public interest through the implementation of self-interest. The principle inherent in the commodity market is that consumers freely purchase the goods that suit them best, while put in effort to produce goods more suitable to consumers. Thus, society as a whole achieves greater purchasing benefits. However, capitalism is not only good. Better producers profit from the market and worse producers are forced to close their businesses and cannot secure their own existences on their own. They are forced to sell their work to the capitalists. 

Capital owners are forced to responsibly direct production, because they are responsible to cover with their capital any failure in production. Workers are forced to work responsibly as otherwise they lose their jobs. The capitalistic form of production creates a systemic coercion that brings a high productivity.  

The great technological discoveries of the history of mankind, such as the wheel, steam machine, electric power or information technology, always brought along an enormous rise in productivity for the economy, which increases the consumption substantially.  

Higher productivity brings higher profits to producers, who then purchase more and the process renovates progressively. The economy then experiences an expansion in production. When the expansion of production is in place, a strong demand for skilled labour force emerges as well. If the demand for labour force exceeds its supply, the workers may then choose the work posts that bring them more conveniences, and may demand adequate wage. The society prospers generally in economic terms.  

As each growth has its end, a large production of the market economy saturates the market and reduces the demand for the products of work. Reduced demand brings problems to the economy. The market economy is for this reason forced to develop the consumption-oriented mentality of society. If the economy fails to find new demand flows, it must reduce productivity in order to avoid losses. The economy then experiences recession. The recession of the production in a market-based form of doing business results in reduced cash profit of companies, which reduces the profits of the owners and personal earnings of workers. The lesser personal earnings of workers reduces the purchasing power of the society, and the demand for the products of work drops, thus leading to renovation of the inconvenient processes in the production.  

Capitalism has never permitted full employment because unemployed workers are forced to accept low pay in order to feed their families. In this way the exploitation of workers appears. The fundamental problem of capitalism is that it values profit over people.  

During the recession that occurs in the production of a market economy, the differences appearing in the distribution of the conveniences in the society are much larger than those that the society aspiring for its own prosperity needs to allow. On one side are people without basic human rights and on the other side are rich powerful people that decide on the destiny of all. It is certainly not a good basis for a good future. 

The market economy of capitalism does not have sufficient control over transitions between states of expansion and recession in production. The market solves these disorders by establishing a painful balance in which the disempowered workers suffer the most. The market economy of capitalism cannot provide stable employment for workers, stable production or distribution. It cannot achieve a stable society. 


The winners of the free market get richer while the losers fail. The winners, with the help of the new wealth, build greater power and suppress the new losers from the market. Thus, large corporations are slowly but surely taking over the market and small companies lose market share. Big banks grow as small ones decline. The owners of corporations become increasingly wealthy while the people become poorer and poorer.

The owners of corporation support liberal democracy because it gives the illusion of fairness in society. But there is no justice. The owners of corporations finance
political parties that suit them. Large donations allow these parties to win the election. Thus, owners of corporations exercise control over governments of countries. They control media as well so that political parties which do not have their support cannot win the election. By controlling policy they control science, culture, they make virtually all important decisions in society. Through the media they also define the value and needs of people. Through media they control people's minds and direct them wherever they want. When they do not like something, such as my philosophy, it does not have access to the media nor to the people.

Governments, controlled by the rich, promote privatization as the best economic solution. The owners of corporations have managed to privatize even the central U.S. Bank; the U.S. Federal Reserve. Thus, when the U.S. government needs money it borrows it from the Federal bank that is privately owned. The Federal bank does not have enough money so it issues money in order to lend it to the US government. The rich people actually produce money. Sooner or later, the US government returns the money under the conditions that the owners of capital determine. There is no safer investment than in the state. There is no greater power than the one that comes from it either. There is no safer exploitation of society than that. The richest country of the world, America, through intervention from big capital, has become the most indebted country in the world. Its debt exceeds the gross national income.


In order to stimulate the working activity of citizens from which they undoubtedly draw out benefits, capitalists have suppressed the principles of cooperation among the people and have imposed a system of competition. This results in fear and egoism, in which an individual becomes a wolf to another individual. Everyone fights for survival. Consequently, destructiveness is brought to practically all fields of social behaviour. 

The capitalist propaganda propagates the system of liberal capitalism as a system that offers an equal opportunity to everybody. This is, naturally, not true since the rich hold a markedly privileged position in any respect. Privileges are based on enormous capital that helps them push the competition away. The system is ruthless towards the losers, which is clearly seen in the example of the United States of America.  

The United States of America is the richest country in the world; however, some of its citizens still suffer famine. This state has millions of homeless people. In this country the average inhabitant lives modestly. They get basic education that allows them to perform only the simplest work; such an education’s goal is to make them obedient consumers. They work very hard for a low wage, and live moreover in a permanent fear from losing their job. As a general rule, they do not have satisfactory health insurance because it is costly (About 20% of the citizens of the US do not have any health insurance). In 1993, a worker with minimum wage income in the USA, being one of many in that bracket, earned a personal income 60,000 times smaller than the President and the CEO of Walt Disney Corporation. Yes, you have just read the correct figure.    

The enormous social differences develop crime in the United States. Its inhabitants often do not leave their homes after it gets dark because they do not feel safe. Almost 1% of the US population is in prison, and the same percentage is under criminal proceedings. It is a matter of almost 5 million people and, therefore, one cannot speak of the criminal, but of the political problem of the unhealthy system.  

The average American is a modern slave of the rich, and propaganda has persuaded them that they are free. They are so indoctrinated by propaganda, that they do not even know that the situation can be better. The USA is probably the most alienated country in the world, full of stress, patients with psychological diseases, the country with the high rate of alcoholism, drug addiction and crime, the country of broken marriages, loners, eccentric persons. Annually one of ten thousand inhabitants of the USA commits suicide. Michael Parenti wrote more about that. 

No other stronger proof than the above is necessary to show that the liberal democracy is also undemocratic as it essentially represents a disguised dictatorship. Thus, in the multiparty system the real decision-making is alienated from the population, and contributes to the alienation of the society. The individual has no influence on the forming of the rules for joint action. The individual remains impotent.  


Capitalist policy – Neo Imperialism

The rich have created a masterful product of their interests in the United States and are trying to impose such a system upon the whole world. With the wealth that they possess they control the governments of Western countries. They are especially influential in the U.S. and the UK and from there they pressure the whole world. They impose their will through the UN Security Council. They impose their will on the EU. Even the Arab League makes decisions at their discretion. By the help of the American and Great Britain governments, they have the highest impact on the IMF and the World Bank, which lends money throughout the world. And so, they can set whatever conditions they want for granting any loan to any country and thus impose their will on practically all countries of the world. 

Their organization is nicely reflected in the manner in which they imposed their order upon the Eastern European countries. It is undisputable that the socialist states were in crisis. It is also undisputable that they set in motion a huge propaganda mechanism that imperilled the orders in these countries. It is more difficult, though, to prove the fact that they have caused revolutions in all of these countries. The tycoon George Soros, who calls himself a philanthropist, donated one billion dollars to the countries in Eastern Europe for the purpose of an "open society" development. One who knows well the capitalist system is very well aware that there is no philanthropy or humanism there. Instead, it is exclusively the economic interest that has the main say in such a system. The quantity of money allocated as a grant to the East European countries cannot belong to George Soros alone even though they must have possessed many times a larger amount of money. It points to the high degree of organization of the world's rich.  

The large donation to the Eastern European countries offered a possibility to western tycoons to exert influence on the creation of internal policies in these countries. Soon came the request for the introduction of liberal democracy, a fast and drastic introduction of the market economy, which resulted in the closing down of plants, unemployment, and a significantly greater work burden on workers. Big capital has invested a lot of money in former socialist countries because work is radically less expensive than in the West. Thus, the standard of living of many workers increased, but not for the majority, and the unemployed, who were previously practically non-existent, are worse off than before. 

Following the degradation of the already bad socialist economy, Eastern European countries unavoidably need new loans. Special lending terms and conditions will not, however, allow them to pull themselves out of the inconvenient position. Anything of worth in these countries has already been purchased cheaply by the world rich, or will be purchased cheaply under pressure. In this way, the countries in Eastern Europe have become economic colonies. In this way, money invested in the "open society", was returned in amounts many times larger through the exploitation of these countries. Allowing Soros's "open society" to enter a country meant de facto, allowing entry to the enemy. There is no need for one to be too intelligent to suppose that they are planning for these countries a life of non-privilege much worse than that in the States where life is already markedly bad.  

Naturally, the alienation forces the rich to increase their power. When they are not able to achieve their objectives by diplomacy, complots and cunning, they then resort to the use of the power they possess and in that regard do not differ much from Napoleon's or Hitler's conquests. The markedly autocratic system of the West revealed in the example of the aggression against Yugoslavia that it is acting in a more cunning manner, but that it has not evolved if compared to the earlier dictatorship systems.  

Conspiracy Theory

The aggression against Yugoslavia began in the late 1980's, when the International Monetary Fund raised political demands for loans.
The following paragraph is an excerpt from the book "A Century of War," by William Engdahl, page 238, Pluto Press, 2004.

"Under IMF policies, Yugoslavian GDP sank in 1990 by 7.5 per cent, and by another 15 per cent in 1991. Industrial production plunged 21 per cent. The IMF demanded wholesale privatization of state enterprises. The result was the bankruptcy of more than 1,100 companies by 1990, and more than 20 per cent unemployment. The economic pressure on the various regions of the country created an explosive cocktail. Predictably, amid growing economic chaos, each region fought for its own survival, against its neighbours. Leaving nothing to chance, the IMF ordered all wages to be frozen at the 1989 levels, while inflation rose dramatically, leading to a fall in real earnings of 41 per cent by the first six months of 1990. By 1991, inflation was over 140 per cent. In this situation, the IMF ordered full convertibility of the dinar and the freeing of interest rates. The IMF explicitly prevented the Yugoslav government from obtaining credit from its own central bank, crippling the ability of the central government to finance social and other programs. This freeze created a de facto economic secession, well before the formal declaration of secession by Croatia and Slovenia in June 1991."

Under external pressure, elections were held in all the republics. In the western republics pro-Western oriented parties came to power, while in Serbia the Socialists remained in power. Western republics adopted rapid privatization of enterprises. Serbia had also embraced privatization but gradually and limitedly. I am convinced that this was the main reason Serbia was accused of all the evil that occurred later. In response to the Serbian resistance, the West supported the pro-Western oriented republics that were seeking independence. World imperialists masterfully implemented the old proven formula "divide and conquer" in Yugoslavia. It destroyed the country in the end. Yugoslavia was thrown into a bloody civil war which set the people back decades. If we exclude the privileged members of society, people now live either worse or much worse than people used to in Yugoslavia. Only the world imperialists and their cronies benefited from it.  

World mass media had unanimously misled the world about the reasons of the crisis in Yugoslavia, which was of course, another form of aggression against Yugoslavia and support to secessionists. Under the influence of media and pressure from world imperialists, all countries around the world acknowledge the violent secession of the Yugoslav republics as contradictory to international law. Helsinki Convention expressly forbade the violent change of borders in Europe.

The Republic of Serbia was declared guilty for the war and that UN economic sanctions were imposed on it. I must stress that this was totally unfair. American administration was so bothered by Serbian stubbornness that in 1999 it presented an ultimatum request to Yugoslavia to withdraw its sovereignty. Yugoslavia could not accept it and that was the reason it was attacked. The aggression against Yugoslavia was made in violation of international law and the UN Charter; it was contrary to the constitution of America and NATO. The attack on Yugoslavia was a fascist aggression carried out mainly by left-wing labour and democratic parties that were in power in NATO countries. NATO is definitely the army that carried out the interests of the wealthiest people in the world and they are the owners of it. By attacking Yugoslavia NATO has become a terrorist criminal organization. Yugoslavia had given in but did not capitulate. It was colonized by fraud, and only then was peace restored.

I have been a witness of the events in Yugoslavia and they undoubtedly give me the idea that there must have been a conspiracy against Yugoslavia, but I did not know who was behind it. Formally, the aggression against Yugoslavia was launched by U.S. President Bill Clinton. He could not have been interested nor had reason to initiate aggression. So why did he? Do you remember the Monica Lewinsky affair in which U.S. President Clinton lied and faced impeachment? That affair was aired daily in the media for almost two years while Bill Clinton did not surrender under the pressure to attack Yugoslavia. The case was completely forgotten at the time the aggression began. I ask myself who is able to force the American president to commit a crime? You can hear everywhere that the owners of the corporations are the most powerful people. Does this mean that the owner of a powerful corporation came to Clinton and ordered him to attack Yugoslavia? No, it is not possible. The aggression on Yugoslavia was structured by a strong organization.

The organization that had forced President Clinton to commit crime must be composed of the most powerful people in the world. Could the members of this organization be equal? Joining on the basis of equality implies mutual agreement between associated parties and that implies the possible lack of agreement and dispute over prey but there was not any. This suggests to me that the structure of the organization is hierarchical with the absolute authority at the head. This means that we have a secret master who rules the world. The master deploys the tasks to their subordinates and determines the allocation of profits after which there is neither conflict nor objection. After researching I came to the conclusion that the Western world, which largely means the entire world, is governed by the head of the Rothschild family. His name is Jacob. The results of my investigation are presented in the articles
Has the Antichrist Come? and "My debt to Yugoslavia".

Jacob Rothschild is best known for his love of arts because he hides his power. Why? This way he runs the world and nobody can call on him to be responsible for his evil deeds. I guess he keeps his power so secret that even his closest associates have no insight into how powerful he is.


The Rothschild family organized banking jobs across Europe in the early 18th century that soon spread to the whole world. At that time, they were by far the richest family in the world. Soon after followed the industrial revolution and the colonization of the world in which they surely got richer. But during this period they withdrew from the public, pretending they are not that rich nor influenced. It was a huge cunning trick. Today, the Rothschild family is nowhere on the list of the richest families in the world. They present themselves as a modest banking family. However, I am convinced that they are still by far the richest and most powerful family in the world and that they rule the world secretly and by doing so are virtually unmovable from power.

The Rothschild family increases its wealth and influences in the world and yet remains invisible to the public. How do they achieve it? The Rothschild family gives large amounts of money to people to run businesses for them. These people become their agents. They sign contracts which give agents some share of ownership that they manage and the agents, in return, try hard to earn more money for the Rothschild family. The Rothschild family often chooses agents among people who have problems making ends meet. Such people are happy to accept cash deals from Rothschilds and are very grateful and loyal. When these agents establish profitable businesses, they give money to new people and create the next wave of agents. The Rothschild family, through their agents, also gives people influential awards and positions around the world. Then they blab something on TV while supporting the general orientation of the Rothschild family, earn a lot of money, and in return are very loyal to those who gave them the opportunity to do so. Thus, the Rothschild family built a secret hierarchical structure of agents with which they rule the world.

Located at the top of this structure are most likely the families Rockefeller, Morgan, Wartburg, but no one can link them to the Rothschild family even though they are surely associated. Somewhere a lot lower on the hierarchy structure Warren Buffet and George Soros were recently introduced. Some families have been exposed to the public and many are completely withdrawn. Russian tycoons like Abramovich, Guzinski, Khodorkovsky and whole armies of unexposed wealthy people are at the bottom of the structure. How did they become rich? Some agents of the Rothschild family approached them and offered big money to run businesses on their behalf and that's all. Many of them fail but it does not worry the Rothschilds much because those who succeed earn enough and prevent the appearance of any competition. That is how a secret organization that rules the world is built. Some call this organization Masons and its top Illuminati.  

The Heads of State are part of the structure even though they do not necessary know it. They receive large donations and media support from agents of the Rothschild family, without whose help they could not be elected presidents. Therefore they are very grateful. With their help, the Rothschild family rules over all important international organizations including the UN. The family is able to realize almost anything they want in the Security Council of the UN because the majority of member states are under its control. That is how the Rothschilds rule the world. However, Russia and China could still stop them by use of veto in the UN.

With the help of their agents, the Rothschilds keep under their control most of the governments and corporations of the world. But that is not enough for them. They want to put all the companies and governments around the world under their control. They use economic and political power to pressure independent states in the world to obey their requirements. If a country opposes the Rothschilds it is written on a blacklist and suffers economic and political attacks that are aimed to destabilize it. If they are not successful, then follow the military attacks by NATO. NATO is their private army.


The terrorist attack on the World Trade Center 911 in New York is the result of aggressive U.S. policy throughout the world. Some conspiracy theorists accuse the U.S. government for the terrorist act. Some believe that the U.S. government set explosives in the World Trade Center in case the aircraft would not be enough to break it down. This is nonsense. When nonsense is involved, films are immediately produced with the mission to deceive the people. The US government has been accused because it is a symbol of power and injustice in the world, and that is not without reason. Besides that, people cannot do anything against the US government and that legitimates injustice in the world. This is one of the invisible objectives of conspiracy. If the investigation still opens as to whether the US government set explosives in the World Trade Center, the result would be that the US government was unfairly accused. This does not mean that the Rothschild family did not participate in the attack on the World Trade Center through its Arab partners, but no one accuses them. 

Immediately after the terrorist acts, U.S. President George Bush reduced the civil rights and liberties of Americans and, to retaliate, planned attacks on Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Iran. It was stated by U.S. Gen. Wesley Clark on the TV show Democracy Now  on 2.3.2007. The General of the American army’s statement did not awaken any interest in the American justice department nor the American media. Why? Because the Rothschild family controls the American government, judiciary, and media. The strongest influence to the authorities in America comes from the American Israel Public Affairs Committee - AIPAC. It was never an important fact for President Bush that most terrorists were of Saudi origin. It never came to his mind to invade Saudi Arabia because it is already controlled by the US and the Rothschild family; he attacked only the states that are not controlled by the US and the Rothschild family to subdue them.

The aggression on Iraq was a clear crime under any law dealing with aggression on a country. The aggression began with U.S. President George W. Bush and UK Prime Minister Tony Blair on charges that Iraqi President Saddam Hussein produced weapons of mass destruction (WMD). An investigation later showed that all the accusations were false. To anyone who made at least a little effort to objectively examine the developments in the world must be certain that the aggression on Iraq was conducted for control over Iraqi oil. Only people who will provide favorable oilfield exploitation to the Rothschild family can be in charge of Iraq. U.S. President George W. Bush, through the aggression in Iraq, killed hundreds of thousands of Iraqis and more than 4,000 of its own troops while wounding 30,000 others. In addition, George Bush spent one trillion U.S. dollars on the war that must be returned by the American people. Because of the war in Iraq, every American citizen now owes $ 3,000 more to the American Federal Bank.

Libya was under economic sanctions established by the United Nations relating to Libya's alleged involvement in the “Lockheed affair” where a plane crash killed passengers. Suddenly Libya’s economic sanctions were lifted. Then in the name of reconciliation with the West, Colonel Gaddafi was invited out of Libya. This was done with the intention to bring his guard down while organizing armed insurrection in eastern Libya behind his back. They knew that Gaddafi will choke off the insurgency and therefore they prepared in advance and quickly pushed through the UN ban on Libyan aircraft flights. The flight ban gave the NATO pact right to fly over Libya, but it never allowed NATO to be put at the service of Libyan rebels. However, NATO, the private army of the Rothschild family, has done it yet because it is above the law. The Libyan rebels were victorious because they got laser devices to guide NATO bombs. Wherever the rebels and the regular Libyan army clashed, NATO’s laser-guided bombs destroyed the regular Libyan army. Libyan rebels, otherwise, could not defeat the regular Libyan Army and especially not in such a short period of time. Gaddafi was killed and at the head of Libya's people will come an obedient person who would follow the interests of the Rothschild family. In any other case, these people would not be in power. It is interesting to note that the son of Jacob Rothschild, Nathaniel, is a friend of Saif al-Islam, son of Muammar Gaddafi. Jacob Rothschild is a monster who hides his character and portrays himself as a philanthropist.

The media in the world have stated that the attack on Libya was a mistake. That was really a big mistake to the people of Libya because they are now much less better off. That was also a big mistake to the Western governments because they did not produce anything positive through the intervention. They actually produced a large number of refugees from Libya who tried to escape to Europe. But for the Rothschild family it was not a mistake. Indeed they have achieved their objectives fully. They deliberately produced chaos in Libya in order to dismiss Gaddafi who opposed them. They quarrel with people in order to more easily establish authority over them. One could say that Libyan oil does not belong now to anyone, but this is not true. It is just stored for future use and belongs to the Rothschilds family, but nobody knows it. One day a government will be established in Libya after who knows how many years of exhausting struggle. It will have no choice but to be cooperative with the Rothschilds. Libya will become a colony like other countries in the Western world. 

The same thing happened in Syria. Only unlike Libya, or Yugoslavia, Syria has newer generation Russian anti-aircraft missiles that could shoot down the NATO planes. That's the only reason why NATO does not attack. Everything else is the same. Western countries have established economic sanctions on Syria. They proclaimed rebels in Syria for the legitimate representatives of the country. They are arming the rebels, which prolongs both the war and the terrible situation in the country. That is how the rebels named ISIS appeared. They broke out from the West to fight for their own interests against the interests of the West. Again, the Western media states that the West made a mistake. I am not sure about that. Fear of ISIS promotes the development of the military industry and brings profit to big capital. Big capital is partial to the refugees fleeing to Europe because they create antagonism in Europe which spreads hatred amongst people. The chaos occurring in the world assists big capital in ruling over the people. Nothing happens by chance. 

You may not have noticed, but the shift in power in the Middle East only occurs in countries that are in the Russian zone of interest, that have Russian weapons. In countries that are in the American zone of interest, that have American weapons, in which America has control, no change of government comes about. In the Middle East, all countries are more or less the same. Why do riots only take place in countries of Russian interest? Perhaps because these countries are independent from the West and the conqueror of the world wants them under his rule.

It goes without saying; the invaders of the world want to conquer Russia as well. They colonized almost every country on route to Russia. Now they are trying to isolate Russia politically and economically. The recent revolution in Ukraine had just that objective. Again, the criminal Western governments launched a revolution in a foreign country, again committed a coup against a foreign government, and again the mass media misinformed the Western public by spreading lies concerning the events. The Russian President Putin is groundlessly declared as the aggressor in Ukraine by the highest representatives of Western governments. Russia opposed the Western governments rightfully and therefore entered a political and economic confrontation with the West. This conflict will last because the West will not give up on its goals, nor will Russia give up its sovereignty. 

There is no doubt that America organized insurrections in all socialist countries because it was a priority of the American cold war policy. They attacked China in Tiananmen Square in Beijing, prompting protesters who demanded political change in China. China resolutely prevented American interference in its internal affairs by expelling the protesters. Thanks to the suppression of the attempted coup in Tiananmen Square, China did not fall apart; it is not in the ruins of a civil war or a colony of worlds rich. It is worth mentioning that the Western mass media then reported that the Chinese army committed a massacre by shooting protesters. The morning after this "massacre" one protester defiantly stood in front of a tank, obstructing its passage, which I find hard to believe he would do if the Chinese army fired the previous night. The Chinese tank bypassed him. 

American presidents publicly represent the interests of big business in all conflicts around the world. How can they profit from it? They cannot. They do not even know the happenings in the world because they receive very selective information, or even misinformation. Similarly to you, dear people. President Obama receives instructions from numerous advisers. He himself choses these advisors, but only from among people who support the policies of the Rothschild family, because others do not have access to him. He is a puppet on a string. 


The Rothschild family has established the International Court of Justice in Hague. The International Court of Justice is very much needed but it must judge everyone equally using internationally accepted laws and criteria. This is not the case with the tribunal in Hague. The U.S. government has openly stated that this court may not apply to U.S. citizens. Formally, this court is not legal because it was not accepted by the Assembly of the UN, but by the Security Council in which the Rothschild family controls a majority of the member states. The International Court in Hague was founded with the intention of preventing any resistance to the hegemony of the Rothschild family. That court, among others, is funded by George Soros, undoubtedly an agent of the Rothschild family. Colonel Gaddafi was accused by the International Court in Hague for crimes against the people of his country where the insurgents overthrew him through violent rebellion. President Milosevic was accused by the International Court in Hague for crimes that were not proven for the four years of the trial. He was killed at the court by the stress he had been exposed to and by inadequate medical help. The president of the Serbian Radical Party, Vojislav Šešelj, was accused by the International Court in Hague for crimes committed during the civil war in Yugoslavia. He surrendered voluntarily to the court. Vojislav Seselj has rotted in prison for over eleven years without verdict. They let him out of prison without verdict when they found that he was seriously ill with cancer. This is only possible in the Rothschild’s Court. In the International Court in Hague, the villain gets the legal right to condemn their victims.

The Rothschild family loves liberal democracy because it allows them to finance and support, through media, parties that suit them wherever in the world this form of democracy exists. Hardly anyone could resist them. Russia was only successful thanks to the popularity of President Vladimir Putin. The Rothschild family is working hard to break his popularity. One day, Putin may lose his popularity and then his position could easily be replaced by people obedient to the Rothschild family. Russia would also become part of NATO and all the wealth of Russia would be very cheaply purchased by agents of the Rothschild family. Likely the same fate awaits Iran.

The so-called one-party communist countries such as China, North Korea and Cuba are the biggest obstacles to the Rothschild family and that is the reason they are attacked by the press in the west. If the Rothschild family were to completely overrule the world of liberal democracy, then the communist countries would remain isolated and suffer from political and economic pressure worldwide. Will China fall under pressure before the Western countries collapse under their own problems, I do not know. What I do know is that society often found solutions in such situations through destruction and it can be easily repeated. The Rothschild family has long been preparing the people for it by exposing people to brutal reality, brutal movies and television shows.

This is a thoroughly studied conspiracy that has been developing for centuries and elaborated in detail. The aim of the conspiracy is to pool together all the countries around the world and to form a world government under the control of the Rothschild family. This government will at least rule in the same way as today it governs the Western world. The Rothschild family plans the association of all the companies around the world. This will be developed naturally to the formation of a monopolistic producer globally. This is probably the future of the economy because it is easier to plan and execute a stable production this way. The problem lies in the fact that the Rothschild family, as the majority owner of the world company, will take the legal right to manage the company and that means it would control the whole world. Already today they own the majority of the Western economy but they hide it. They plan to transform the principle ownership of the economy into the principle decision-making in society. In other words, they intend to become the absolute authority of the world leaving the people completely disempowered. Imagine what might happen to people who are fired from such a company. Already today's capitalism is very close to feudalism or even slavery.

In order to rule the world, the Rothschild family had established a recruitment center for politicians and corporate executives in the so-called Bilderberg group. Officially, their meetings serve government and corporate leaders to advise each other in terms of international relations and economics. In reality this advice comes from the Rothschild family only. All candidates for Presidents of major countries in the Western world and big corporation executives are elected because of their presence at these meetings and the advice helps them stay on the Rothschild’s track. Their main characteristic is gratefulness to the person who give them the chance to obtain high positions in society and that is why they provide absolute support to such people. Very few of these people even know that at the top of the pyramid is the Rothschild family.

The power of the Rothschild family is greater than
that of any emperor in the history of mankind. They do not have absolute power; however, they possess unbelievable political and economic instruments used for coercion anywhere around the world, ensuring in this way that their will be implemented more efficiently than what could have been imagined by any emperor in history. I wrote the article: Jacob Rothschild is guilty for the conspiracy against humankind.  

Although the Rothschild family is far more prepared than their predecessors, they make the same mistakes as their predecessors. They cannot conquer the whole world because people would revolt even if they were confined in golden cages. People primarily need freedom.


Capitalism has its own internal contradictions that will sooner or later draw it into a deep crisis from which it cannot escape and then it will become very aggressive. Already today we are witnessing excessive economic disparities among countries and people. This outlines major problems in the future, starting with crime, uncontrolled migration, to all kinds of wars. Moreover, capitalism is built on huge production which wastes our natural resources senselessly. The lack of natural resources along with such a wasteful spending will inevitably lead people to fight for survival. If something does not significantly change sooner or later it will undoubtedly lead to wars in which a large part of humanity will be erased from the face of the earth. We must prevent it by forming a far better society.

The ideology of capitalist liberalism can no longer contribute to the development of society. The time has come to let it go. Mostly what preserves capitalism is the lack of a better system to replace it. I have formed and proposed it in this book. This system must be based on equal rights among the people. It must provide freedom to every member of society. It has to use natural resources rationally because there is neither a possibility nor need for continuous growth in productivity. It has to shorten work hours to be able to create jobs for all people and increase the quality of life for all. It is too hard of a task for capitalism. Besides that, the future will require the introduction of cooperation between workers, companies and countries. This last task is impossible for capitalism which means that changes in the political and economic system are necessary to achieve a better future for mankind.


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