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"Occupy" Movement harms society


Early last year (2012) I joined the group "Visions and Goals" within NYCGA of the "Occupy" movement in New York. The Group was actively seeking solutions to the problems of society and at that time the work promised a lot. I sent my ideas to them and they were discussed over the Internet. Among other things, I proposed the reduction of work hours proportionally to the unemployment rate which I have defined in the article Let’s remove unemployment. This article presents how to achieve full employment and an increase in workers’ salaries. Higher wages would increase the trade of goods and services, which would improve the situation in capitalism and society itself. So the Occupy movement would make a good goal of joint action.

I spoke by using a vocabulary that even a young child could understand, but adults can hardly understand me. If you ask a child how they would divide nine apples between ten people, you would get a solution. If you ask the same question to an adult, but substitute jobs for apples, then this is an unsolvable problem. Why? People do not understand new ideas because their thoughts are very predetermined by the accepted way of thinking. My simple ideas were not accepted because they are significantly different from the imposed way of thinking in society.

I also noticed a subversion in the group "Visions and Goals" towards ideas that can bring prosperity to society. Activist Patrick Conway said that my ideas are interesting but that we first need to find a consensus on basic issues. His high education won the confidence of the activists before I had joined the group, and so the discussion of my ideas ended. Patrick Conway insisted on a consensus of common actions between anarchists, socialists, Trotskyists, Marxists, liberals, Democrats, Republicans, and followers of other political views, which is impossible to accomplish. It seems to me that he prevented any agreement in the group "Vision and Goals." As a result, the Occupy movement has not defined its vision clearly nor its goals for joint action. This once very active group now has not a single new post in the last three months.

The Occupy movement websites welcome numerous articles pointing to injustice in society because that is how the movement attracts people. What is a little bit harder to see is the fact that not a single article shows how to remove the injustice. The demonstrations that the movement calls upon cannot remove injustice because there is no solution behind them. The Occupy movement is powerless. In its almost two years as a movement it has not brought results which may justify its existence.

My article "Let’s remove unemployment" should be welcome to all the Occupy movement websites because it advocates for social justice and presents a simple way to achieve it. But it is not welcome. None of the Occupy movement websites published it. Regardless of the fact that people have difficulty to see what results my ideas may bring, the article "Let’s remove unemployment" would have to be published just because it has good intentions. Even if my ideas were wrong, which they are not, the Occupy movement should publish them in order to open discussion that would demonstrate the eligibility, conductivity and feasibility of my ideas. Not publishing my article clearly shows that the people who decide what would gets published on the Occupy websites do not want the progress of society. They have bad intentions.

The changes in society that the Occupy movement does promote do not fit the forces that govern society and those forces certainly have an interest in preventing the independence of the "Occupy" movement. The movement is the only well-known opposition to the established system in the US and so the government and the corporations have an interest in controlling it. This is not difficult to achieve because the “Occupy” movement is open to all people. Volunteers run it. There is no hierarchy. Anyone can offer his or her ideas. As such, the movement is very vulnerable to attacks from the inside. I am positive that the U.S. government and corporations have sent highly trained agents amongst these volunteers to take control of the movement. They finance the movement and thus get a leading role in it. Through the web sites that they create, through financial and organizational support, which they secretly get from the government and corporations, they control the movement. This means it is a conspiracy.

I recently tried to initiate an independent action within the "Occupy" movement that would bring together the defenders of human rights and expose the conspiracy. I have managed to establish a hub in the Interoccupy group. (In the meantime, I have discovered it had been removed "at my request" which is a lie) There I published the article Jacob Rothschild is guilty for the conspiracy against humankind. The article is the result of my long study of events throughout the world. As a holder of a hub, I believed that I would be able to participate in the work of the movement actively. I sent to them proposal actions but have not received any response. Interoccupy is supposed to foster communication between individuals, Working Groups and local General Assemblies across the movement but it does not. Interoccupy publishes barely one news article daily which could also be found in the major media. They generally publish announcements and calls for numerous divided actions of the Occupy movement. As if to say to people: run across the world, scream as much as you can, and when you get tired go home and sleep.

The founding Branch, Occupy Wall Street, explicitly prohibits articles that talk about conspiracy and censors discussions about it. Conspiracies are a major social problem and a ban on writing about them makes solving the problem impossible. It is like forbidding a doctor to recognize illness. The rulers of the world have managed to impose a ban on spreading ideas to the Occupy movement that may threaten them. They have imposed to the Occupy movement an idea that the problems in the world happen coincidentally and that the output of these problems should be sought for each case independently. In other words, they support or impose endless conversations and actions that cannot get closer to the causes of the problems, not to mention the resolutions.

I believe that most of the Occupy movements, if not all of them, are secretly financed by the state government and the corporations with which the Occupy movement struggles against. They make fools out of the fighters for justice; who naively fall for their pranks. Some of the members of the Occupy movement have responded to me that they are aware that the U.S. government probably has agents among them but they ignore it. They believe that they anyway could achieve their goals because they do not understand how powerful their enemies are. If they do not confront the causes of the problems, which are blocked at the roots of the movement, the Occupy movement does not stand a chance.

There are still some independent groups that operate, but the "Occupy" movement is on life support. Paradoxically, the conspirators keep it alive. The Occupy movement fits them well because it cannot compromise them while it groups dissatisfied people together, enabling conspirators to easily manipulate them. All in all, the Occupy movement harms society by directing dissatisfied people to useless paths.




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