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My Humanism is the salvation of humankind

The entire structure of today's society has been built on alienated authoritarian premises. Therefore all of today's
social systems must be changed from their foundations. Only then they will be able to serve man and his natural needs. Only then will it be possible to build a good and sane human society.

The system I have proposed at this web site is not only the best solution to the problems of todayís world, itís also the only good one. Thatís the reason my system will be accepted by the whole world. My system prevents hunger, fear, corruption, narcissism, racism, immorality, crime, war, and all types of destruction in the society and encourages development of productive human powers. In short, the system promises a better life for everyone and harmony to the people. It will turn the main principles that humankind has been established on so far upside down. The impact on the people will be so enormous that future generations will call everything before the implementation prehistory, and everything from the implementation on will be known as civilization.   

My Humanism will save humankind from all social evil and will create love, joy, peace, health, beauty, freedom, security, justice, equality, harmony, abundance; it will make paradise on earth.   



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