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The problem with democracy

Voters today often find that their votes do not have an influence in creating the policy of society because politicians do not follow their will and they do not fulfill the promises they gave to voters. That is the reason, for example, that the participation at elections in the USA falls below 35% of the voters’ body. In order to increase the credibility of the bad election system in the US, an election show is created that lasts for more than a year and it is broadcasted every day on prime time on television. As the result of such propaganda the people support their favourites the same way fans support their favourites in sports which in essence has nothing in common with democracy. To the show creators it is not even important who wins; it is all about how to make voters happy if their candidate wins or sad if they lose the election, while the politics don’t change at all. That is all a huge manipulation, which many people are aware of. So why then are there not attempts to change something here? Democracy by definition requires power of decision making in society in the hands of the people. Of course that confronts to the will of the powerful people in society that much so that scientists have not created an academic consensus of how a developed democracy is supposed to look like. But politicians use the word democracy whenever it is suitable to them like their democracy is a perfectly defined solution. Of course it is not.

I have defined a developed form of democracy in my book “The Humanism”, where all people will really decide about all issues of their interests and in such a way define the best possible political orientation of society. So why then do people not take my ideas into consideration? Firstly, that is because it requires intellectual effort which cannot be directly profitable. People who try searching for the satisfying solution soon realize that a redistribution of the real decision making power in society can be very hardly accepted due to a large number of different interests of people who have different powers inside society. Besides that, my ideas strongly decline from the knowledge and customs people are used to, so that my ideas are often emotionally unacceptable to them. No arguments help here. The inertia to changes in society is nothing else but a consequence of conspiracy of authorities through the entire history of humankind. Today accepted knowledge still has the intention to make people obedient followers of authorities.

After fifteen years of promoting the ideas to build a good society I've not succeeded in making you people interested. Paradoxically, this has been happening in the time of political, economic, and moral crisis around the world, when numerous people searched for an escape from these bad situations, and could not find it because no other idea besides mine existed to create a good society. Unfortunately, the way to a good society will take a lot of time to be accepted.

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