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Do we need happiness or joy?


Firstly, happiness and joy are not mutual independent categories; moreover they often supplement each other. But in this analysis we can separate them. Happiness is over passing the unhappiness. For example a hungry or thirsty man is happy when he consumes food or has a drink. That is natural happiness. On the other hand a man who is not hungry or thirsty cannot be happy when he consumes food or a drink. 

In an alienated society a lot of unhappiness exists. Poorness and weakness in society are misfortunes. That's why earning money, achieving power or glory in today’s society presents a symbol of happiness. First, it should be said that such happiness is difficult to achieve. Secondly, such happiness is alienated from its nature so that it is an illusion. Earning more money, achievement of more power or glory in society cannot make happiness last long. On the contrary, the result looks more like the use of illegal drugs. The higher the alienated happiness an individual achieves, as a rule, results in higher unhappiness for the individual and that affects the whole society altogether. The most successful people today are most often the least satisfied with their lives. They have problems everywhere; they get divorced the most; they consume alcohol and drugs the most in purpose to find their own peace. Everyone who tries to analyse happiness could see that. Therefore people should not aim for such happiness. 

The system I have proposed will assure economic existence to each person and give each person equal power and rights in society, so it will remove unhappiness. Where unhappiness does not exist, happiness cannot exist either. So what are we going to do? Let's enjoy our lives! Joy is a far more stable and lasting emotion than happiness. Joy is the result of a completely productive orientation of a man. Continuous productive activity of a man that advances him himself, society and his environment create continuous joy. I am not speaking about any kind of sacrifice to any idea; I am talking about natural life, based on natural knowledge the people have alienated themselves from. The system I have proposed will form a natural life and that will enable people to enjoy their lives.


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